Glass Green Line Payday Bong

Glass Green Line Payday Bong

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Weed Star - Glass Green Line Payday Bong

This Weed Star Green Line Payday bong is in the form of the classic straight tube.

Constructed from 3mm thick borosilicate glass, this straight tube bong is supported by a circular foot for stability and security. It comes with an 18.8mm bistable joint that houses the 6 slit diffuser downstem and 18.8mm glass bowl. 

Just above the joint there is a carb hole for more control on your smoke. 

The straight tube has a green Weed Star logo. There is also a Ziggi Jackson signature at the bottom of the waterpipe just above the foot. 

This is a great little bong that packs a huge punch. 

This bong comes available with ice twists or without.

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