IQ Zirconia Mouthpiece with Gasket uk

IQ Zirconia Mouthpiece with Gasket

Why buy from us?
  • Replacement for standard mouthpiece
  • Retain that 'like new' flavor
  • Zirconia Ceramic for the best flavor

The Davinci IQ is all about flavor. It provides purity with no contamination from any of the components of the device. Unfortunately, as with all vaporizers, after prolonged use the filters in the mouthpiece can pick up a layer of residue which begins to give the vapor an aftertaste which isn't so nice. This can be cured by replacing the affected part and thankfully Davinci have made it nice and easy by keeping this part super cheap. If you are grabbing a Davinci IQ then this is a must have spare for when that day finally comes.

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