G Pen Coil Quartz

G Pen Coil Quartz

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  • Low draw resistance
  • Dual Quartz Coils
  • Discreet design
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G Pen Coil Quartz

If your G Pen isn’t performing as well as it used to then you may need to replace the coil. Packed inside the heating chamber are 2 parallel quartz coils which work in unison to give a consistent heat distribution which won’t impact the flavor of your vapor. 

Each of the coils is fitted with a stainless steel filter screen which prevents any unwanted material being drawn through and also helps to break up the surface area of the vapor for a smoother hit. 

A pinched mouthpiece is fitted to each of the G Pen Quartz Coils forcing the vapor into a more concentrated stream, enhancing the flavor further. Grab your replacement today and you’ll be able to experience the full potential of your G Pen once again.

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