Nut ‘N Bolt Pipe UK
Nut ‘N Bolt Pipe UK
Nut ‘N Bolt Pipe UK
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Buy Nut Bolt Pipe UK
Nut n Bolt Pipe

Nut n Bolt Pipe


Nut N Bolt Pipe UK

The Nut ‘N Bolt Pipe UK is an unusual and striking piece with an industrial, homemade design. It features a pinched mouthpiece and straight air path for a straightforward and smooth smoking experience.

Industrial Chic

The Nut ‘N Bolt Pipe is composed completely of metal and brass, which gives it a comfortable heft and ensures a cool, untainted hit every time. It really does look like it was improvised out of spares from an old toolbox

Full Metal Construction

This pipe is made entirely out of metal, which gives it a solid, quality heft, while also offering a cool, smooth hit with no plasticy aftertaste.

Four Piece Design

This highly impressive piece is fully separable into four pieces, meaning you can neatly and discreetly pack it away. It is quick to pack and use, and incredibly easy to clean and maintain.

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