Black Leaf Glass Bong Ice LED-Light neon

Black Leaf Glass Bong Ice LED-Light neon

Why buy from us?
  • Neon colored glass
  • LED lighting
  • Ice Pinch

These crazy light up bongs from Black Leaf in Germany are made of borosilicate glass, like all good bongs are, but they have added a pair of high power LEDs in the bong's base which combine with the matte neon finish on the glass to make sure that you will never miss this thing in a crowded room. The function is just a good as the looks thankfully. With a nice free draw thanks to the removable downstem having an 18.8mm female joint and matching 18.8mm male bowl, you'll never feel restricted. There is also an ice pinch if you want to go down the chilled out route and with glass over 5mm thick you know it will survive the odd knock or two. They have also added a central carb hole so it's easy to milk and clear no matter whether you are right-handed or left-handed. The lights themselves are part of a removable unit so cleaning it up or changing the button-batteries is nice and easy. There are seven settings to choose from depending on your mood.

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