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Welcome to one of the largest selections of glass pipes anywhere online. Here at EDIT we have glass smoking pipes in a variety of shapes and sizes with prices to suit every pocket. Why Glass Pipes? Well that question for some is easy to answer. Unlike wood pipes which all be it, are more down to earth natural hippie. These Glass Blown Pipes which in theory are just as natural. Do not heat up as much when smoking unlike conventional wooden pipes allowing you to take a proper hit. Glass Pipes cool the smoke down making it cooler and easier to draw. Most importantly they taste great thanks to them not needing to take on the flavour of the pipes material. This can even go as far as to be the taste of burned wood. When one uses papers and prefer natural ones as to remain cleaner. Then when one uses a pipe they should in turn want a glass pipe for the same reason. Choose from cheap glass pipes with basic, functional designs or elaborate, heady glass pipes with intricate artisan designs. From classic glass spoon pipes to simple glass chillums and one hit pipes, the EDIT collection of glass pipes has something for everyone. Don’t forget - when you buy a glass pipe from EDIT you’ll get same day dispatch and our famous price match guarantee.
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