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RoB Hurricane DTI 750 - White Topgrip
RoB Hurricane DTI 750 - White Topgrip
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RoB Hurricane DTI 750 - White Topgrip
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In a Nutshell
  • Hand-made Schott Duran glass
  • 6 Hurricane Jet Nozzles
  • Ashcatcher included

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  • Product Description

    RoB Hurricane DTI 750 - White Topgrip

    The White Topgrip Hurricane DTI 750 - The smoothest rip you'll ever take! That is how our testers described the Hurricane bongs from RoB with their patented cyclone technology when they got their hands on them. No more irritation when you take a massive pull of some super dank chronic, no more dirty ashtray taste, just clean smooth clouds that will leave you wanting another hit straight away. This is a world class bong, have no doubt. The White Topgrip version features a sandblased exterior to make it look totally different to your everyday bong. The way the system works is that the smoke is firstly pulled up into and through each of the orb shaped chambers which gives it a chance to cool gradually as it rises. The smoke is then acted on by 6 Hurricane Jet Nozzles (two in each of the three chambers) which act to spin the air inside each of the chambers. This causes even the smallest of water droplets to clump together and get forced onto the glass by the centrifugal force and leaves only the cleanest and purest smoke to continue it's journey upwards. In addition to all of that they also include a dry ashcatcher which attaches to the top of your downstem and allows you to stop a large percentage of the particles before they even get to the bong itself. There are several other key features which seperate the Hurricanes from the vast majority of bongs and they all simply come down to thinking about the way we use them and then trying to make it simpler. Firstly the carb hole is right on the front of the bong, meaning that you can use it while reclining and there is never going to be any spillage. Then there are three sturdy glass feet which mean it is going to always stand straight and true. They have even thought about making it easier for people with lip piercings by making the mouthpiece a shape which allows the piercing to no interfere with the seal around the edge. These hand made German masterpieces are made of the finest 100% borosilicate Schott Duran glass and come with 35 years worth of experience moulded into each one. Each Hurricane DTI 750 comes complete with two downstems (one for use with the ashcatcher and one for use without) along with a bowl to complete the set and a numbered authenticity card. The 750 version of the Hurricane is an absolute beast. It is capable of stacking a crazy 750ml of smoke ready for you to take a massive hit as you release the carb hole and clear it like a madman.

  • Technical Specifications
    diameter 38mm
    diffuser Yes
    glass thickness 5mm
    ice notch No
    includes Bowl, Catalyst , Down stem
    joint Female
    joint angle 60 Degrees
    joint size 14.5mm
    material Schott Duran
    percolator No
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