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A family run business founded by a brother and sister from the Branderberg family Futurola has a long history stretching back to the inception of the coffee shop industry in Amsterdam From these early days they have gone from strength to strength, becoming one of the biggest rolling paper companies in the world

Rolling skins are a core part of the herb scene. Can a herb fan with no skins really be considered a true stoner? Few are the herb fanatics who have not partaken of a toke or two from a hand rolled blunt or joint. In fact, it may be safe to say that the majority of herb fans got their first taste from a joint, long before they got their hands on a bong, pipe, or vape! Rolling a good joint is practically an artform and those who do it take a certain sense of pride in it. Many a sesh debate has been triggered by personal preference over a herb rolling technique. We here at Everyone Does It are proudly non-partisan, favoring no particular method of herb rolling! This is why we carry papers to suit everyone’s needs, including high quality papers from Dutch legends Futurola USA!

Every single Futurola USA product is carefully developed in their homebase and subjected to the most thorough scrutiny and supervision. Futurola USA focus mainly on super-high quality rolling skins and other paper products. Their rolling skins are made to exceedingly exacting standards, and their  quality that is virtually unchallenged anywhere else in the industry. ONce you’ve rolled your joint you’re going to want to keep it safe, that’s where their innovative Storage Tubes come in, they’re literally a hard shell for your joints; a simple but essential idea! If you want to keep your rolling supplies similarly secure check out the Tommy Chong Limited Edition Gift Box which will keep all your supplies safe and tidy.

Futurola USA believe in keeping a close and attentive eye on the herb market and scene. They’re often among the very first to adapt to new situations and come up with new developments. They are always striving for innovation in their constantly evolving new products. Thanks to the close eye they keep on production the highest quality guaranteed and as well as all of  that Futurola USA make sure that their range of products come in at affordable prices.

FuturolaUSA supply a huge selection of essential  herb accessories that will make sure that you prepare, pack, roll, and smoke your dry herb as efficiently as possible.

FuturolaUSA grinders are second to none. For a smoother, cleaner burning smoking experience it’s essential to make sure that your herb is finely ground up. This makes sure that more of its surface area is exposed to the flame and that smaller amounts are wasted!  Futurola USA have a range of sleek and simple to use herb grinders, including the herb grinder coffee shop kit which, thanks to its compact size, is eminently portable!

Seeing as they have myriad products that make protecting and prepping your joints easy they also have rolling machines that make rolling them incredibly easy! Some people complain that it takes all the challenge out of rolling a joint, we say shut up and smoke! The RYO coffee shop kit contains everything you need to roll a joint as well as a small rolling machine that does all the hard work for you! It works especially well with ¼ inch papers so don’t forget to stock up on them! For a kit that can handle bigger rolls check out the dutch kingsize rolling kit.

For a wider range of papers, rolling kits, grinders, filters and anything else you may ever need then check out our online head shop!

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