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Extra Long Rolling Papers

All across the UK people are in agreement, rolling is equal parts art and science. While there are techniques there doesn’t seem to be any one right way to do it. There are dozens of different schools of thought in the UK herb scene, each with their own flourishes and all seem to be at odds with each other. There are also many different kinds of papers and skins! Many use the readily available standard sized papers to skin up; sticking them together to suit your needs, preferring the ritual of assembling a three skinner. Some prefer to keep things simple and use long rolling papers to roll. Others want to go even further and construct joints of monumental proportions. For those people only one thing will do: extra long rolling papers.

Extra long papers are renown in the UK for being perfect for sharing, especially when you’re sharing with a large group of friends. Most foot long skins are treated to be slow burning so you can be sure that you’re in for a long, leisurely smoke that will save you the effort of repeatedly rolling individual joints.


RAW are among the most popular purveyors of rolling papers in the world. Ultrathin and totally natural RAW papers have the natural tan colour of rice paper and are adhered with natural sugar glue. These papers are totally natural, totally vegan, and free of any toxins. They’re so thin that you can see right through them and are watermarked to ensure that they burn evenly. We stock monstrous foot long (or 30cm x 60cm) papers that will let your roll what can only be described as wonders of engineering.

These papers are perfect for social gatherings when you want to share your herb with your friends. Of course there’s nothing stopping you from using it yourself, but if you somehow manage to polish off an entire extra long joint alone you’re clearly a freak of nature and we both fear and admire you.

Elements Footlong Skins

A single pack of Elements contains 24 extra long skins. Made in Alcoy, Spain from pure rice paper to ensure that they can be ultra thin yet also ultra strong. Each paper is gummed to ensure easy use. A nice touch is that each pack has a magnetic clasp to keep your papers secure and pristine even if you’re carrying them when you’re out and about. Each Element skin is watermarked with a criss-cross pattern which promotes a slower, more even burn.

Highland Double Decadence Papers

Each pack of highland smoking paper comes with 50 individually corrugated roaches! What could be more convenient? On top of that each roach has a little quip printed on it like, “Fed up… Skin up” and “Don’t get angry, get stoned, then get even”. Highland papers are 100% crease free and watermarked to ensure a smooth burn.

Cosmic Papers

Coming packaged in a distinctive yellow and black package emblazoned with a yin yang symbol Highland’s cosmic papers are certainly striking. Flat, creaseless, and watermarked for a smooth burn the pack also comes with a roll of 45 corrugated tips for your convenience. As an added touch each roach has a zodiac image stamped onto it!

OCB Kingsize Papers

Made from pure flax paper and coated on one edge with 100% natural gum. OCB extra long skins are ultra-thin and extra wide, making them much easier to roll and smoother to smoke. The paper is specially treated to be slow burning so you can enjoy a long, leisurely smoke.


When using foot long papers it’s important to remember to pack it tightly so ensure that you get a good draw. If you spread it out too much then you’ll end up wasting a lot of your herb. So be sure to put a bit of engineering into your joint when you roll with a footlong!

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