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Dlx Rolling Papers & Smoking Accessories

DLX papers are fantastic high quality papers that won’t let you down when you’re rolling. Rolling with substandard papers can be a disaster, they tear, their gum doesn’t adhere properly and they can burn very unevenly. That’s why improving the quality of the papers you work with is a must for any serious herb aficionado.

Rolling papers are an iconic part of the dry herb scene, can a smoke fan with no papers to their name be said to be a true stoner? There are very few herb fans who haven’t had a toke or two from a hand rolled joint and for a huge amount of people you’ll probably find that they had their first experience with herb came in the form of a rolled joint. There is a certain sense of craftmanship when it comes to rolling herb into a joint, nearly everyone who claims to be able to roll seems to have their own personal technique of rolling. These techniques are often staunchly defended and firefly debates are fought over what is the single best way. We are a non-partisan organisation when it comes to this and that’s why we strive to serve all tastes and stock only the finest brands of rolling papers including DLX.

DLX papers have a criss-cross watermark that ensures that they will burn extra slowly all they way through. This technology is exclusive to DLX papers and you won’t find it anywhere else! DLX papers come in a range of sizes to suit any rolling style that you could possibly think of from DLX deluxe rolling papers, to the tried and tested regular sized rolling papers designed for a slow burn.

All DLX papers are designed to burn far slower than other brands of cigarette papers. They achieve this thanks to the famous cross hatched watermark that slows the burn of the roll while also ensuring an even burn! A huge amount of secondhand smoke comes from the tip of joints and cigarettes.

The majority in fact. This means that a lot of your material is going up in smoke without you getting to enjoy it! This is doubly tru for those of your who like to pass the toke around a group of friends, if you could measure it you’d find that the majority of your material was wafting away into thin air. If you slow down the burn you’re given more time to actually enjoy your herb!

Papers are an important part of the herb scene, and without them it would be a very different place. Sure bongs, pipes and vape are impressive and flashy, but at the end of the day sometimes a simple lofi tube of paper is all you really need to enjoy your herb. That’s what it’s about after all, high quality, tasty herb and its wonderful effects.

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