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E-Nail Compatible Quartz Banger
E-Nail Compatible Quartz Banger

E-Nail Compatible Quartz Banger
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EDIT Collection
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  • Product Description

    E-Nail Compatible Quartz Domeless Nail

    These domeless quartz nails are designed to take an electrical coil from an E-Nail or similar. These nails work with coils of various sizes and the EDIT Collection offers various joint sizes as well. You can tailor this nail to fit a whole range of pipes, making it one of the most convenient pieces in the EDIT collection

    The E-Nail Compatible Quartz Domeless Nail Features

    • Quartz Quality
    • Multiple Joint Sizes
    • Multiple Coil Sizes
    • Terrific Value


    Female versus Male

    When choosing a replacement slide, first determine whether your rig joint is male or female. If your existing slide fits OVER the glass joint on your rig, then buy a female slide. If your existing slide sits INSIDE the glass joint of your rig, then buy a male slide.

    Coil Sizes

    Most coils are either 16mm or 20mm wide. You will need to measure the diameter of your coil across the circular element and buy a bowl size 0.5mm smaller.

    Joint Size (Trick of the Trade)

    Determining your joint size can be measured with your little finger. Place your little finger to the rig or bowl (slide) FEMALE joint and check out the following rough guide:

    Tip of little finger just fits the joint = 10mm Joint
    Fits to first knuckle of little finger = 14.5mm Joint
    Fits to second knuckle of little finger = 18.8mm Joint
    Fits your thumb in the joint = 29.2mm Joint

    Very easy but careful when measuring glass not to cut yourself.

    EDIT Collection

    EDIT is our own-brand collection of high quality bongs and dab rigs. We stock some of the finest glass you can find, so naturally we know what quality is. We've taken the lessons we've learned and applied them to our own creations. You can be sure that in the EDIT collection that you'll find the highest quality glassware at bargain prices. Perfect for newcomers looking for their first piece or for veterans seeking to expand their collection.

  • Technical Specifications
    brand EDIT Collection
    joint Male
    joint angle 90 degrees +
    joint size 14.5mm
    material Quartz
    nail style Domeless
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