The Neutralizer Compact Kit
The Neutralizer Compact Kit

The Neutralizer Compact Kit

Why buy from us?
  • Oil lasts up to 6 weeks with 24 hour use
  • Takes an hour to neutralize a space
  • Neutralizes a space up to 20m3 or 710ft3
  • Zip tie included

The Neutralizer Compact Kit

We all love vaping and smoking, but we don't all love the smells associated with it, and as much as we're behind the vaping and dry herb scenes, we know that not everyone is. And sometimes you have to entertain these folks...what if there was something you could do about those smells permeating your home?

Now we're giving you the power to do that.

The Neutralizer Odour Eliminator

The Neutralizer Compact Kit can neutralize the air in a space of  20m3 or 710ft3. It takes up to an hour for the space to be neutralized. The oil can last up to six weeks with twenty four hour use. Included in the kit is a zip tie to attach the Compact Kit to your grow tent. 

Box Contains
  • 1 x EME220
  • 1 x Compact Kit Cartridge (TNRC-40 40ml / 1.35 Us fl oz)
  • 1 x Zip tie to secure unit to tent pole

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