8 Arm Tree Perc Dual-head Concentrate Bubbler

8 Arm Tree Perc Dual-head Concentrate Bubbler

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  • 8 Arm tree Percolator
  • Includes Glass Nail aand Vapor Dome
  • 18.8mm Female Joint
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8 Arm Tree Perc Dual-head Concentrate Bubbler by Grace Glass

Perfect for those looking for a micro bong or a oil rig as this piece comesocmplete with both a 'normal bowl' and a glass nail and oil dome.

Made by Grace Glass this superb stemless piece ends in an eight arm perc that ensures maximum diffuser action and a cool effortless draw.

The mouthpiece has a lovely flattened switchback design with the arms of the perc being in green glass. As ever made to the high standrds you come to expect from Grace Glass but at a price point others can only dream of. 

Note:Comes in blue and green see drop down

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