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Celebration Pipes- Handmade, Gold Plated Premium Herb Pipes |

Celebration’s Lava Stoneware Hand Pipes are individually handcrafted and plated in 22kt gold. They gold is for more than just decoration, it reflects heat back into the bowl ensuring a more even burn for your herb. Each pipe comes wrapped in a custom hand made velvet bag to keep it safe and clean.

Celebration pipes were founded in 1973 Hawaii in an area on the North Shore of Oahu called Laie Point. Their first studio was framed by the crashing waves and bubbling lava framed their studio as they designed their first pipes. Back then the majority of the products they made were high quality crockery; bowls, mugs, plates, all handmade to exacting standards. Then in 1974 they finally unveiled their 22kt gold plated pipe to the world for the first time.

They released this pipe just in time for the 1974 Sunshine Festival, a legendary music festival held every year on the island, Herb restrictions were much looser in the 1970’s so the attendees of the Sunshine Festival were more than willing to take the newly released pipe for a spin. From that original batch of 15 pieces; a massive new enterprise for the Hawaiian company began.

In the Spring following that festival Celebration were contacted by High Times. Back then the now world famous magazine was only being launched. High Times showed a lot of interest in celebrations artisanal pipes and placed an add in the first full colour cover High Times. This drew a staggering 250 sales, and seeing as they only had 300 pipes made this was certainly a success.

As the High Times grew so did the sales of Celebration’s pipes. Soon famous luminaries of the 70s started to take interest in their pipes and they even specially made platinum plated pipes for Aerosmith, AKA the Platinum Punks. As time went on other megastars were presented with their own handmade pipes; groups like Fleetwood Mac, Kenny Loggins, and even the legendary Bob Marley and the Wailers.

Unfortunately the changing political and moral climate of the 1980s came down hard on Celebration’s business. In the US anything that could be considered a herb pipe, even something as innocuous as a folded Coke can. Celebration were forced to step back from their pipes. Then in June of 2000 the Hawaiian government unilaterally legalised the use of medical herb. After 20 years Celebration were back in the pipe business  Today that pioneering spirit has been emboldened by the internet and Celebration pipes are available to a whole new world of users.

The original pipes that were taken off the market were back after a 19 year hibernation, but now the are numbered and signed to distinguish them from the newer Millennium editions. They still exude the same level of handmade expertise in ever single pipe, and each one has that stylish 22kt gold plated bowl.

Dry herb pipes are one of the most popular and convenient way to enjoy herb. They have achieved practically iconic status in pop culture! Herb pipes are much quicker to pack and light when compared to a water bong. They are also much easier to clean, and of course far far more portable! Pipes are also one of the most efficient ways to enjoy herb, having the lowest levels of wastage. The most that can be said for pipes is that when compared to joints or blunts they at least mitigate any burning paper entering your lungs.

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