Twisty Plus Bubbler Kit Gold
 Twisty Plus Bubbler Kit Gold
Kit Gold Twisty Plus Bubbler

Twisty Plus Bubbler Kit Gold

Why buy from us?
  • Twisty Glass Blunt with Bubbler attachment
  • Cool and filter your smoke
  • Gold for that little extra bling

Twisty Plus Bubbler Kit Gold

The Twisty Glass Blunt has been getting more and more people lit over the past year and it is still getting more popular every day. The new Twisty Bubbler takes your experience one stage 'higher' by adding water filtration and cooling to the game.

Paperless Blunt

Like the original Twisty Glass Blunt you pack your dry herbs into the tube, filling it in around the corkscrew section in the middle. You then light the open end and twist it as you smoke which allows you to remove ash and feed fresh material to the open end ready to be burned.

Added Cooling And Filtration

Where the new Twisty Bubbler Kit differs from the Twisty Glass Blunt is that it comes complete with a glass bubbler attachment to filter your smoke of anything that has managed to make it through the internal filtration of the Twisty Glass Blunt itself as well as cool it to a more pleasing temperature. This will allow you to enjoy a cool, comfortable, and paperless smoking experience.


The bubbler attachment is obviously detachable and the mouthpiece of the Twisty Glass Blunt in the kit is designed to fit into a female glass fitting (both 14.4mm and 18.8mm) which means you can use it on any of your female jointed water tools or bongs, so you have ultimate versatility as well.

Easy To Clean

The glass blunt it easily disassembled and cleaned, you don't need to worry about a build up of resin and ash spoiling your dry herb smoking experience.

The new Twisty Bubbler is sure to sell out fast so grab yours today!

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