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Mega Bundle

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Mega Bundle

This bundle is not for the faint-hearted, or should we say light-lunged? From papers and tips, right up to a waterpipe and vaporizer, this kit has it all! Packed with goodies, this bundle will make the ultimate gift... Or why not treat yourself?
Not only do you get a massive selection of products, you also save over £30 compared with buying all the items individually, meaning you can afford to try out a new way to enjoy your herbs. If you prefer traditional roll-ups, we have you covered with the papers, tips and ashtray, but why not try experimenting with the large glass steamroller pipe? Use the bubbler for a cooler, water filtered hit and if you like that, work up to the bigger Art Glass bong. The Totem is great for both experienced and beginner vapers alike and also great for taking out and about with you. The grinder has a window screen so you can keep an eye on how your material is grinding as well as a pollen catcher section, held together by tough magnets and finished with a striking design. Plus the other accessories will help maintain and clean your devices so you always get the best performance from them.

What's Included?

 1 x 4 Part 2.5" Aluminium Thunderbolt Shred Grinder with Sifter - Blue
1 x Quintessential Smoking Tips
1 x Smelly Proof Baggie Black
10 x Grizzly Originals Pipe Cleaner
1 x Large Glass Steam Roller Pipe
1 x Snake Design Multi Coloured Glass Bubbler
1 x Rolling Papers King Size Extra Slim Silver Single Pack
1 x Limpuro Bio Cleaner 100ml
1 x Bulldog Coffee Shop Ashtray
1 x Totem Vape
1 x Art Glass Bong 2-Piece Recliner 18.8
5 x Brass Gauzes 20mm

Here at EveryoneDoesIt we know that some days are days to sit back, take tips and papers and craft something special from scratch and pass it round the fire pit and others are days to smash an obscenely large bowl alone, or with friends!
With smoking accessories for all occasions, we have you covered with this mega bundle!

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