Bong 18.8 Jackknife
Bong 18.8 Jackknife
Bong 18.8 Jackknife
Bong 18.8 Jackknife
Bong 18.8 Jackknife

Bong 18.8 Jackknife

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Bong 18.8mm Jackknife UK

The Jackknife from Art Glass is a straight cylinder bong that has been folded back midway up the shaft before setting during its creation, so the top half is inclined toward the user of the bong. Ice cubes can also be added and will catch at the jink.

Striking Jackknife Design

This bong takes the standard, classic cylinder design and totally subverts it to create a striking and original inclined bong. The twist was put into the bong during its creation, transforming a run-off-the-mill bong into a fantastic piece. The incline makes it incredibly easy to use and the jink in the twist can actually act as an ice notch, allowing you to drop ice cubes into your bong for cooler hits.

Art Glass

Art Glass Bongs are good quality glass water pipes with extreme functionality featuring both timeless and creative designs. Their average glass thickness is 3.2mm which is the same as the standard Little Sista made famous by Roor.

Fantastic Bargain

The Jackknife bong is comparable in quality to many of the flagship bong of the more famous brands, this Jackknife bong is a fraction of the price. This is the perfect piece for beginners looking for an unusual starter bong. It’s also perfect for established bong fans who want to expand their collection with a more unusual piece.

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