Grace Glass Milky Beaker Bong Black

Grace Glass Milky Beaker Bong

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  • Milky white accents
  • Splash guard and ice notches
  • Spiral percolator
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Grace Glass - Milky Beaker Bong

Grace Glass' name comes to mind when observing this elegantly designed beaker bong. Coming in a milky white colour scheme, this percolator bong could easily get lost in a snowstorm.

Standing at 34cms tall, this superb beaker-shaped bong comes equipped with a spiral percolator. This fantastic-looking percolator forces the smoke particles to break up and increase in surface area. This allows the smoke to cool down and be filtered for a smoother and better hit.

The team at Grace Glass then complete the glass piece with a 18mm bowl, splash guard and ice notches, so the user will be able to beginning using the piece immediately out of the box.

Beautifully complemented with milky white accents on the base, bowl and mouthpiece, this Grace Glass piece comes with their iconic logo in bold black print.

Available in Black and White and White.

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