Beaker Bong with Spiral Perc Splash Guard and Ice Notch

Beaker Bong with Spiral Perc Splash Guard and Ice Notch

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  • Spiral Percolator
  • 18.8mm Female joint
  • Slitted Diffuser
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The Beaker Bong with Spiral Perc, Splash Guard, and Ice Notches from Grace Glass is perfect to use and display proudly. This elegant bong features a spiral perc to aerate your smoke to mouthwatering perfection. With gorgeous coloured glass details, this piece looks as smooth as it hits. A splash guard and ice notches help make for a no-mess sesh.

  • Ice Notches
  • Spiral Per System
  • 18mm Female Ground Joint
  • 18mm Male Slide Bowl
  • Comes in Amber, Blue, Green, and Purple
  • See Dropdown for Available Colours


Ice Notches

These special built in barriers keep your ice where it belongs - out of the water! Positioning of the ice notches forces the smoke through the ice cubes for significant cooling.

Spiral Percolation System

The spiral perc works to filter your smoke into the perfect drag. After traveling through the downstem and water, the smoke if filtered up the spiral perc, to the dome, and into your lungs.

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