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Analogue Dial Vaporizers | Premium Vaporizers

Analogue desktop vaporizers were the first models of vapes seen in the vaporizer revolution. Classic and famous desktop vapes like the Volcano and the Silver Surfer adhered to this classic and timeless design. Rather than using a digital input and LED, or LCD displays to control the temperature of the unit’s chamber they used a small dial on the front. The upside of this low tech design is it’s sheer resilience. Since it’s so simple there’s less room for anything to go wrong. Beauty in simplicity, they won't let you down for years and years to come!

Analogue dials used to be the last word in precision control on electronic devices. Where switches offered only a binary setting dials allow for incremental adjustments. They always work in one smooth, natural, continuous motion that is easy and intuitive to understand; a small turn means a small increase in the setting, a bit turn means a big increase. Some prefer the tactile feedback of a classic analog dial to the repetitive clicking of a digital button. The incremental increases of a digital button can be harder to anticipate than the fluid, intuitive turning of a dial to some. Finally the robust reliability of an analog dial is a god send to those who want the vaporizers to last and to survive the wear and tear of everyday use.

Knobs are so precise because of how they work. Turning the knob allows you to adjust the signal strength of the output voltage, the higher the signal strength the hotter the chamber of your vaporizer and the thicker your vapor. The natural feed back of a dial turning feels very intuitive because it operates in physical parameters that then user can interpret intuitively 

Analogue desktop vaporizers come in a range of shapes, sizes, and materials. The Roor Vapor Vaporizer which and Roor Vapor Vaporizer XL are made from beautiful hand blown glass. It uses a retro looking dial to let you adjust the temperature of your vaporizer without having to worry about the distraction of any blinking LEDs. The sheer classic simplicity of an analogue vaporizer can be a breath of fresh air to jaded eyes bombarded with high tech LED screens and harsh LCD blinking. If you’re vaping for relaxation it can be liberating to free yourself from the constant high tech bombardment of smartphones and laptop screens with a classic vape.

At the end of the day the best vaporizer for you is the one that matches your personal preferences the closest. Whatever they may be. There are certain parameters where some vaporizers will naturally excel; for example convection heating versus conduction, hands free whips versus non hands free. However when it comes to that ephemeral ‘feel’ that appeals to some intuition deep inside you then you have to go with your gut.

Going analogue can be as much a statement as anything else. Analog controls appear on the more high end vaporizers on the UK market. They are intended for connoisseurs, for aficionados who know what they want out of their vaporizer. These connoisseurs know what they want, they have no need for preset digital settings, they can intuitively manipulate their vapes to get the exact results they want.

For a wider selection of vaporizers both digital and analogue check out our UK web store. If you want something a bit more mobile, why not check out our range of portable vaporizers. Everything from convection to conduction to hybrid heating systems are in stock. Find the right vaporizer for you. If you want to care for your vaporizer be sure to check out our range of cleaning products and accessories.

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