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Genius Pipe Silver Top Black Body closed
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Genius Pipe Silver Top Black Body
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Genius Pipe – Waterless Pipe


The Genius Pipe

Genius Pipe

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The Genius Pipe is a quality herb pipe that offers bong like filtration thanks to it’s advanced design. Not only that, it is also self contained and portable so you can comfortably bring it wherever you want, Genius!

The Genius Pipe, brought to you here by EveryoneDoesIt, is the last word in herb pipe innovation, even at this low price. The Genius Pipe has amazing filtration and cooling abilities, all without water and all in a compact package. The Genius's simple three piece design holds a huge amount of technological innovation that sets the Genius Pipe apart from every other pipe on the market. Why use bongs when you can the Genius Pipe? Get it right here at the best price.

You will not find a herb pipe on the market that offers the same level of cooling in such a small and simple package as the Genius. No water, no mess, and no fuss means that there’s no question about the fantastic quality of the Genius Pipe.

The Genius Pipe Features

  - Innovative Cooling Design
  - Waterless Cooling
  - Compact, Portable, & Discreet
 Stylish Minimalism


Genius Pipe

Innovative Cooling Design

The real genius of the Genius Pipe is in how it packs so much cooling power into such a small and simple package. The metal plates of its air patch are covered in a grid of tiny dimples built directly into its anodized aluminium body. When air is pulled into the Genius Pipe it flows across these dimples and they whip it up into a flurry of micro-vortices which cool your hit and help filter out up to 95% of all tar and resin. The design of the Genius Pipe allows for prestigious levels of cooling in a highly compact package. Much cleaner than standard bongs.

Genius Waterless Cooling

The Genius Pipe’s waterless method of filtration is by far the cleanest you could possibly find. The Genius Pipes’s beautifully simple three-piece design and magnetic locking system makes it a breeze to maintain. Simply gently pull it apart and wipe it with some cleaning solution and you’ll be able to enjoy clean, untainted hits again.

Genius Pipe

Compact, Portable, & Discreet

The Genius Pipe’s simple sliding magnetic design allows you to pre-pack a bowl and simply slide the cover over it before going out. When you want to use the Genius simply slide the cover back slightly, light up, and take a hit. The entire Genius Pipe is only six inches long not much bigger than a smartphone, and it’s incredibly slim too. Thanks to its discreet appearance this herb pipe can be kept inside any bag, jacket, or even trouser pocket.

Stylish Minimalism

The Genius Pipe's simple, minimalist design is incredibly stylish, coming in a range of finishes from a classic mahogany to an eye catching pink and purple design! It's this minimalism that makes the Genius so cheap and allows us to sell it at the best price. For those of you who like to know your products are expert endorsed there’s even a Chong’s Favorite finish. Never have to lug one of those large bongs again when you can just slip this fantastic Genius Pipe in your pocket. Genius claim that the design for their pipe is inspired by the zen philosophy of beauty of form and simplicity and it shows, this is a striking and beautiful pipe with an elegant design that is equally discreet and striking. The Genius simple design makes it eminently portable and easy to use.

Buy it today from us at EveryoneDoesIt at the best price online! at this cheap price, you can't not consider the Genius Pipe, for sale right now.


Note: All our Genius pipes come supplied with the silver evolution slider.

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