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Ace Labs - Inventor of the world's most adaptable downstem: The Titan!

Ace Labz have revolutionised the very concept of your bong’s downstem with the all in one solution to any downstem dilemma you may ever have; The Titan-Stem adjustable length metal downstem. Constructed out of aircraft grade anodised aluminium it’s virtually indestructible and liable to last you a lifetime. If there’s one thing that always seems to break on your water pipe it’s the down stem. Buying a new down stemp can be a vision of hell, you’re either forced to guess the length you need or meticulously measure the length of your joint.

That problem will now be a thing of the past thanks to the Titan’s ingenious system of screw locks the Titan will fit any bong you have. Simply choose the correct mouthpiece (either 14mm or the 18mm male to female joints) and slide it in. Short? No problem! Simply unscrew the segments, remove one and then reassemble. Boom, thanks to the magic of basic engineering and spacial awareness you have the perfect length downstem! If it’s too long? Well then you reverse the process and add a segment! No matter the length or size of your joint, as long as it’s male to female then it’s gonna fit.

Cleaning a downtube can be a huge task, it’s a narrow, fragile tube of glass, of course it’s going to be a trial to clean. The Titan is a breeze to clean, all you need to do is disassemble it and individually clean each segment with a small brush and some cleaning solution. Being able to clean each segment individually means that this will be the cleanest downstem you will ever own.

The Titan comes with three options when it comes to percolation: a tree percolator, a diffuser that breaks up your hit into tiny bubbles, and a plain downstem for those purists out there who want to go the classic route. The advantage of a percolator or diffuser is that it breaks your smoke up into tiny bubbles that increase the surface area cooled by the water as it flows through it. Some people worry that this filters out more THC, this isn’t the case, THC isn’t water soluble

The Titan is one stylish piece of equipment that will make any piece you use it with look stylish. It comes in four striking colours: SIlver, metallic blue, metallic red, and black. The bright metallics will make your piece pop more than any glass down tube could.

The Titan works with more than just dry herb. The aluminium is specially treated for maximum heat resistance making it butane torch proof and dab friendly.

The downstem is one of the most important parts of your bong, along with the bowl and the pipe itself. It’s the part of your bong that looks like a little bowl with a long tube that reaches downwards into the water reservoir of your bong. It’s an essential piece without it you can’t smoke your herb, hence the disaster when it breaks, an accident that everyone in the UK bong scene fears. The Titan, if nothing else, assuages these worries with its sheer resilience.

Ace Labz have produced what is possibly the peak of downstream engineering and the Titan-Stem is compatible with any of our massive range of female joint water bongs. Check out our huge selection of premium glassware on our UK web store, and check out our other bong accessories