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710 is coming up fast guys. It might not be as big in the UK as it could be, but all you hard core dabbers out there can bring attention to the act this special holiday season. All you need to do is break out your rigs, or buy a new one if you haven’t got one right now.

420 has become the international number for cannabis, with people blowing up their newsfeeds every year with memes, but there’s another sacred number out there for people who take their hits to the next level. 710 is the holiday number dedicated to dabbing and concentrates, with the 10th of July being the hallmarked event. Why 710 you might ask? Well, when flipped upside down, 710 spells out the word OIL, which is a kind of concentrate. A great joke, but it’s important to give 710 a day because the more the word gets out about this smoking method the more likely it is to get legalized someday soon.

What Are Dabs?

Concentrates are the filtered cannabinoids which are removed from the Dry Herbs as a strong, golden, waxy resin that looks something like honey. The most popular method for getting yourself a dab is to press butane into the herbs, which’ll draw out their THC and other cannabinoids, which is then boiled away leaving behind the sticky resin. This method is also quite dangerous, so another, much safer method is quickly becoming more popular. The rosin press method uses a machine to apply heat and pressure safely so that all of the dabs are pushed from the herbs.

The Importance of 710

It’s bloody crazy just how many advancements marijuana has made in the few years that the movement has really gained momentum, and the dabbing craze is one of those advancements that need attention.

See Dabbing is quite a bit healthier and no where near as harsh on your lungs as combusted dry herbs. It’s much healthier than traditional smoking because the dabs vaporize fast when they hit the heated nail, giving you a smoother hit. It’s also very efficient with your herbs, and if you get into dabbing, you will get a lot higher for less pounds in the long run. See, when you press out everything but the cannabinoids, what you’re left with is a product one-quarter the size of the amount you started with, but is 8 times stronger than how it started out, so you really are getting more bang for your buck.

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