Chalice Special Edition Mini Beaker Rig | Hitman Glass

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This special edition miniature dab rig by master flameworkers, Hitman Glass is made to resemble the classic beaker bong. The iconic Chalice butterfly logo is featured on the back and nicely complements the 14.5mm female vapour dome and signature Brilliance percolator.


  • 6 ½ Inch Height

  • Fixed Downstem

  • Mini Brilliance Perc

  • 14.5mm Male Joint

  • 14.5mm Female Vapour Dome

  • No Nail Included


Mini Brilliance Percolator

Hitman Glass equip the fixed downstem with a miniature version of their signature ‘Brilliance’ percolator. When in use, this diffuser causes a chaotic bubbling action at the base of the chamber. This action forces the vapour particles to separate and cool down in temperature. Not only that, the added feature helps remove any nasty carcinogens from the hit.

Made in the USA

Based at their Los Angeles studio, the expert glassblowers ensure that every one of their glass products is manufactured in the USA. Crafting each piece from American borosilicate glass, Hitman Glass focus their efforts on producing extremely durable and functional glassware.

No Nail!

Unfortunately, Hitman Glass do not equip this small but effective dab rig with a concentrate nail. Luckily for you, EDIT is here to help you through the process of setting up your piece. Browse our Dabbing section for a wide range of quartz glass, titanium or ceramic nails!

Additional Information

Additional Information

Diffuser Gridded
Brand Hitman
Material Glass
Logo Colour Black
Colour Clear
Height 161mm
Percolator Brilliance
Joint Male
Joint Size 14.5mm
Includes Vapour Dome
Glass Thickness 5mm
Style Beaker
Type Bubblers, Oil/Concentrate Rigs