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Chalice Pimp Cup Dab Rig | EDIT Collection

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Product Description


This Chalice Pimp Cup Dab Rig will make you feel like royalty. The stemless design minimizes the number of parts you need to keep track of while still providing grand filtration. A milky white colour makes up the body and stem of the glass, with an accent of a gold luxury motif to round it out. Included is a 14mm female quartz banger which fits perfectly on the 14mm male ground joint.

  • 14mm Male Ground Joint

  • 14mm Female Quartz Banger

  • Fixed Diffused Downstem

  • 100% Borosilicate Glass

Quartz Banger

Minimize heat transfer to your rig with the included banger - the quartz material allows for a lower temperature, which results in tastier dabs every time.

Fixed Diffuser

Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not there! Hiding inside the cup is a fixed downstem with six diffuser slits, so you gain style without losing functionality.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Diffuser Slitted
Brand EDIT Collection
Material Glass
Logo Colour Gold
Colour Gold, White, Yellow
Height 191mm
Special Features Stemless
Mouthpiece Flared, Glass
Joint Male
Joint Size 14.5mm
Includes Quartz Nail
Glass Thickness 5mm
Style Novelty
Type Oil/Concentrate Rigs