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This Blue Logo Roor Bong 500 is part of the new Logo Series, brought to you by RooR Bongs.

This newly designed RooR logo features a base colour of blue which is complemented by a contrasting outline, and is manufactured using only the purest, highest-quality borosilicate glass.

The glass on this 500ml Roor Bong is 3.2mm thick glass and is more affordable variety of Roor Bong, with none of the quality sacrificed.

For reliability, stability, extreme quality and unrivalled functionality, you cannot improve on German-made Roor bongs.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand Roor
Material Glass
Logo Colour Blue
Colour Clear
Height 351mm
Mouthpiece Straight
Downstem Length 111mm
Joint Female
Joint Size 14.5mm, 18.8mm
Glass Thickness 3.2mm
Style Straight / Tube
Type Bongs