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Why Should You Use A Bubbler For Smoking Herbs?

Posted by Adam Cazes on

Why Should You Use A Bubbler For Smoking Herbs?

Glass bubbler bongs hold a unique place in the UK herb scenes pantheon of glassware. They lie somewhere between a bong and a pipe; compact and portable like a standard hand pipe but also possessing the punch and smooth filtration of a bong (another name for a bubbler is a mini-bong). When you take a rip off of a bubbler the smoke is pulled through the chamber, producing smoke filled bubbles (hence the name) this cools the smoke down and offers a much cooler hit than a pipe. We have a huge selection of bubblers and accessories on our UK webstore for you to peruse. The real question is, how do you know if a bubbler is for you though?


If You’re  Bong Enthusiast On The Go

The inductees of the UK bong scene are vocal about the love they hold for their glassware (sometimes it can border on the fetishistic). Sadly many bongs are too large and too fragile to tote around on your travels and you may have to resort to other, less refined ways to enjoy your herb. If you’re truly at loathe to do this then pick up a bubbler. Often only a fraction the size of a bong bubblers still use water for filtration so you can still enjoy a smooth, tasty hit when you’re using it. All of our bubblers are made with strong borosilicate glass so you need not worry about it breaking on your travels.

You Want A New Experience

Bubblers are designed to use a combination of dry herbs and concentrates and. This leads to a different herb experience as a unique cocktail of active ingredients are released when you use it! For this reason bubblers are also sometimes called oil rigs and work well with dab kits for those who want to enjoy pure concentrate with a compatible nail and dome. It’s as simple as switching out the accessories on your bubbler. We have a huge selection of accessories, male, female, you name it we got it! With a single bubbler and the right accessories there’s nothing you can’t smoke!


They’re Easy To Care For

Bongs guarantee a smooth hit but it comes at the price of a little extra work; you’ll find yourself frequently cleaning your glassware, and if you care for it at all then you’re going to take your time and do it by hand. This can involve a whole armory of cleaning supplies and tools. It’s not a small task keeping your glassware clean. A bubbler, at a fraction of the size of a bong tends to get dirty a bit faster, luckily it is FAR easier to clean. If you’re smart you’ll change the water after every user before any resin has a chance to build up, so all you have to do is rinse it out! If some resin should build up (let’s be honest, you are going to procrastinate at some point) then all you need is a soft brush and some warm water to keep your bubbler squeaky clean!


The Noise

They ain’t called bubblers for nothing. Every rip you take will be accompanied by a cacophony of bubbles and pops. It isn’t a major feature but it is nice, sometimes when you’re enjoying your herb it can be fun to enjoy a little bit of aural stimulation. At the end of the day some people enjoy herb for fun, and what could be more fun that bubbles? Hold onto your inner child and whimsey, it’s good for your soul!

To see our full selection of bubblers and bongs check out our UK web store!