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Why EDIT Glass Is Something You Should Be Excited About

Posted by CSR Team on

Why EDIT Glass Is Something You Should Be Excited About

We here at Everyone Does It (EDIT for short) are proud to bear the mantle of the largest online headshop. We offer a gigantic range of smoking products; from bongs and pipes, to dabbing rigs and vaporizers. We stock every brand imaginable; Storz & Bickel, Da Vinci, Roor, and many more! We know quality when we see it and we’re willing to give it a place in our store. Since we know quality, and we know what products our customers love best it only made sense to produce our own line of high quality glass.


Pure, Clean Glass

All of our products are made from quality borosilicate glass that is thermal shock resistant as well as 100% non-reactive. Non reactive materials are a must when it comes to building a water pipe, some materials like acrylic can taint your hits with a plasticy aftertaste. Glass however doesn’t react with your smoke at all and you’ll find that your hits are fresh, tasty and uncontaminated.


Everyonedoesit dabbing rig

We have a giant range of solid bongs that totally cover the fundamental needs of any herb fan, but we’re not afraid to experiment, we provide fun, unique products that you won’t see anywhere else. A great example of this playful attitude towards quality glass is our Oil Drum dab rig; a quality oil rig that will cool your hits as well as stand out in your collection!

Oil Rig eveyonedoesit

If you prefer things a tad more macabre check out our glass skull dabbing rig. The body is made of high quality galss and is topped off with a 14mm male joint. A 14mm female quartz banger is included so you’ll be free to take hits as soon as you can get your material ready. The skull shape will make this a stand out piece. Legend has it, that every human is born with a skull hidden inside of them.

Percolator bong everyonedoesit

If you prefer a piece that innovates in the functionality department rather than its aesthetics then you should check out the classic mini tree percolator bong. This beaker bong has the classic look of an old glass bong as well as an innovative mini three arm tree percolator. A percolator serves the purposes of breaking up your hit into smaller bubbles, this increases the total surface area giving the water more to act upon. The end result of this is a cooler, more filtered hit!

Elbow Bong Everyone Does it

For a more unusual take on the classic bong check out the Beaker Base Elbow bong. This striking water bong is clever in that it packs more beaker neck into a smaller space. It does this with the most advanced of all technologies; a bit of a bend. It has a sturdy base and large water reservoir that will guarantee you a solid, cool hit.


Damn Fine Vapes


We stock a massive range of vaporizers because we know that they’re the way of the future. Vaporizers work by taking advantage of the various boiling points of the active ingredients present in your herb. This means that you can enjoy the effects of your herb without having to subject yourself to the acrid smoke and toxins released by combustion. Of course we’re well aware that quality vapes are essential, there is sadly too many cheap knock-off sites out there. To ensure that the market will always have great vaporizers we bit the bullet and developed our own.

Portable Vaporizer Everyonedoes it

The Shhhh! 2 in 1 Herb and Concentrate Vaporizer is an adaptable portable vape that can be used not oly with dry herb, but also with concentrate. It features a rapid heat up time so you won't have to wait for your first hit and its interchangeable atomizers means that you can calibrate it for whatever material you want to enjoy.

We currently have a huge selection of bongs, dab rigs, and vapes all at bargain prices check out everyonedoesit.co.uk!