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Why Boundless are the Vaporizer Manufacturers to Watch in 2018?

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Why Boundless are the Vaporizer Manufacturers to Watch in 2018?

Boundless are a new name to the vaping world but they are a name to know. Incorporating technology that would have only been dreamt of a few years ago with solid construction, neat design esthetics and superior vapor quality, the Boundless vaporizers currently on the market give established names like Storz and Bickel, and Arizer a run for their money. They tick all the boxes, including a low price.

Boundless Vaporizers in 2018 have made quite a splash. Their flagship vape, the Boundless CFX Aromatherapy Device is something special. With convection/conduction heating, a large screen, fully isolated air path and a cool as hell design, it looks like the future of vaping is already here. Other lines include the CFC, a conduction vape that is more of a budget device, the CFV, a convection device that offers supremely sweet vape, and the CF-Hybrid, which can vape nearly anything you could think of.

Then there is the Boundless Tera vaporizer. Released by Boundless Vaporizers in 2018, it initially suffered from a manufacturing fault, but as of May it is back on sale and boy, is it good.

Boundless Tera

This is the latest convection vaporizer from Boundless vaporizers in 2018, featuring two swappable batteries, digital temperature control down to 1°C, and an aluminium heat sink/vaping chamber. Vaping technology has come a long way in a short time, but this is the very cutting edge. Aluminium is extremely conductive and is therefore perfect for getting an even, efficient heat to all your herbs or concentrate at once. Probably the best portable convection vape on the market, the Tera is versatile, tough, looks cool and produces vape as good as any portable vaporizer for sale, at any price.

One super cool feature (along with all the rest) of the Tera is the option of a water pipe adaptor. This comes included in the standard kit and lets the user incorporate their bong or bubble pipe for an extended vapour air path. This makes for some super cool vapour. Other ridiculous features include a 2 hour vaping time, 60°C to 230°C range, the ability to vape herbs and concentrates, and a very low price (considering) of under $200. Boundless have asked the cannabis communities what they would like in their vaporizers and they have responded in style. If this is the offer for Boundless vaporizers in 2018, it will be incredible to see what they come up with next year.

Boundless Vaporizers in 2018 – Features

Boundless have a distinctive style, with parallel lines on the body for grip and a sports bottle-like look to the styling. This is no bad thing, but they do draw the eye. For maximum discretion, none of the Boundless vapes are the best out there, but they are all small, relatively lightweight and easy to handle. The CFC is the most discreet option available, looking more like an electric shaver crossed with a humpback whale than anything.

Getting a quick blast on the vape while nobody is looking is often the only way of vaping in some places, so getting it right and staying safe is important. The Boundless range all heat up in around 30 seconds, and pack in 1 or 2 hours of constant use per 3 hour charge. This means you can pack it at home with whatever you like, forget the spare battery, press the on button in your pocket, whip it out, take a hit and return it to your pocket and nobody will be the wiser.

The features that come with the Boundless gear reflect their attention to detail and the passion that goes into their products. They are all made from the highest quality materials and constructed to a very high standard. The mouthpieces, when they detach, are magnetic. Awesome. The CFV offers interchangeable heat retention rings, made of materials like quartz or African rosewood, giving your vape a distinct flavour and heat profile. This kind of touch is what the hoards of new Boundless customers are talking about. It is portable vaping made luxury.


Wherever you look on the Boundless line, there are innovative features. The Boundless CFC is tiny, using conduction heating and possessing a large chamber, but it takes just 15 seconds to heat up and can blast away for over a dozen sessions. Not many vaporizers under the $50 range can compete with this, especially considering the quality of the vapour.

The Boundless CFX has a big, beautiful screen that gives target temperature, current temperature (in Fahrenheit and Celsius) and battery status on cool little speedometer dials. It also heats up in 20 seconds, has a hybrid conduction/convection heating system and offers a range of temperatures from 37°C to 221°C, putting it right at the head of portable vaping capabilities.


As vaporizer users get more mainstream and especially when the legalization of some materials continues across the world, new uses are emerging, technology is being invested in, more people are using and testing products. It was only a matter of time before a company like Boundless came along and shook things up again. These are products for serious vape connoisseurs and casual users alike. The massive capability of the Boundless range, combined with the unbelievable prices (technology like this cost several hundreds of dollars only a few years ago), means they will satisfy the veterans of the vaporizer world and provide reassuring and enjoyable experiences to those starting out on their quest for the best experience.

The Future

Boundless Vaporizers in 2018 have offered game-changing technology that gives the average user the best quality vaporizing. Long battery lives, customizability, excellent build style and quality, huge choice and high standards, it all adds up to a very exciting period for their users. It is now possible to have desktop quality vapour (well, almost) in your pocket for session after session. Boundless are one of the leaders of that change, taking the mantle from Storz and Bickel (it will be interesting to see their response) and running with it. All we have to do is sit back, take a hit and enjoy.

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