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Where to Take Your ‘Dry Herb Lover’ This Valentine’s Day

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Where to Take Your ‘Dry Herb Lover’ This Valentine’s Day

Ol’ Saint Valentine

You’ve probably been walking around your local supermarket recently, minding your own business only to be met by an explosion of pink hearts, chocolates, and red roses. It could only mean one thing, Valentine’s Day is coming (and your thankful for the reminder).

If you are in a relationship or possibly dating, it’s time to get your thinking cap on. Yes, Valentine’s Day is another made up holiday/marketing ploy, but do you really want to meet the wrath of your romantic partner?

One mistake people can make on the ‘most romantic day of the year’, is to think it is all about flashing the cash. For many of us this couldn’t be more untrue and if you do decide to celebrate with your other half, a simple and thoughtful gesture could go a whole lot further.We Heart You

We think that the trick is to celebrate your love with an idea unique to your relationship, and if your girlfriend or boyfriend is a dry herb lover, then this is a good place to start. Whether you want to go classic, full cheese mode, or something in between we have some bright ideas to suit all couples. Oh, and please no #Girl/Boydonegood posts...


Something to Suit Everyone..

The ‘We Just Started Dating’ Date

If you are in the earlier stages of getting to know someone things can sometimes be a little awkward. The last thing you want is to scare off your crush with an over-the-top date. One of the best ways to break through the boundaries together is with an active outing. Think something unusual and out of your comfort zone, like ice-skating, hiking, a dance class, or even bowling. And, what better way to relax, and loosen up beforehand than with the help of your old friend, dry herb! Not only will this bring on a bout of the giggles but mixed with the endorphins released with exercise, you’re in for a good time.

The Budget Pleaser

As we said earlier, Valentine’s Day is not about spending money and any good man or woman should understand this. Which means even on a budget, you can still make your other herb loving half feel special. Doing so with a romantic home cooked dinner featuring some edibles! The dinner doesn’t have to be 5-star, most people will just appreciate the gesture so try something simple and tasty like spaghetti bolognese. The edibles come in the form of cannabutter and should be spread on some warm freshly baked (or store-bought) bread. Recipes for cannabutter are available online.

Love is Food, Spaghetti is Love

The Classic

It could be your first Valentine’s Day together as a proper couple and you don’t want to stray too far away from the classic and romantic celebrations. This is a date with minimal effort and maximum pay off.

First you will need to pick a nice spot for the date, it’s important to choose somewhere with a good view and with meaning, if possible. Pack a picnic basket full of your partner’s favourite foods, candles, wine and chocolates, as well as blankets and dry herb for after.

As you may already know, there are few things better than the combination of dry herb and nature. So light up, take in the view, and have a date to remember. Extra brownie points if it is under the stars. Double Extra brownie points for remembering your portable vaporizer - all of the fun, and none of the fuss!

If You Happen to be Dating a Millionaire

Okay, so this one is a long shot. But I mean millionaires are normal people too and do go on dates from time to time. Money, of course isn’t everything, but if you do meet the love of your life who just happens to be extremely rich, it’s a bonus (also well done to you).A Mountain of Love to You

Here’s our Valentine’s plan for you and your herb loving millionaire other half. Drumroll … A luxury ‘dry herb’ hiking tour of the Canadian Rockies. This is one of the most beautiful and picturesque places on earth and yes this is a real thing.

It can be yours for a mere $12,500 (Canadian dollars) and the experience includes transfers from a private airport, and a luxury hiking guide who will smoke some sweet herb with you, and even cook you dinner in the Rockies. If your other half takes you here for Valentines, please marry them!

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