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What is Dabbing? Lets learn to Dab

Posted by Marc Gale on

What is Dabbing? Lets learn to Dab

If you know anything about the herbal industry then you'll have heard of the term "dabbing". For around the last dozen years smoking dabs has become ever more common and ever more prevalent within the herbal industry.

The advent of more concentrated versions of herbal has resulted in dabbing popularity exploding onto the scene.  So what really is a dab?

A dab usually refers to a high dose of concentrates which are heated by a hot surface, in most cases nails, then the vapes are directed into your body using an oil rig. 

Whilst dabs have become renowned for the buzzes that they give to users, other users have cautioned against using them because of the chances of overdosing.

Another issue that people have raised is the image that dabs set which can be rather unseemly.  Whilst there are all valid concerns we feel that if dabs are used correctly and safely, then they can provide you with some super verbal experiences.

What is a Dab


Dabs are extremely concentrated portions of cannabis that are made through a complicated process that extracts the THC, using gases such as butane.

When the process of extraction is finished you'll be left with a wax which can be then used in your dabs.

The reason why dabs are so powerful is because of the strength of the THC that is extracted, and this is what results in the extremely potent effects. 

People with very serious illnesses have spoken out about how dabs have led to their lives becoming more bearable due to the THC lowering the severity of their symptoms.


Dabbing, if not done properly, can be quite dangerous.  Many people who think they can extract the THC are novices and don't really know what they are at.  In the most extreme of cases houses have caught fire.

Another issue is how potent dabbing is and this can result in people taking too much product and suffering near overdoses on THC.

Anyone who has ever taken too much herbal can attest to the fact that taking too much can be quite a scary experience. 

Another issue is using blowtorches, and for novices, this can look quite scary. But in spite of the dangers mentioned above, if you use dabbing responsibly you can be assured of receiving a marvellous time.


One of the biggest benefits of dabbing is the fact that people with serious illnesses can use the procedure to alleviate pain.

The high concentration of THC is why patients experience this relief, and this is one of the abiding benefits of dabbing.

For some people to get the same concentration of materials via vaporizers is just not feasible so these people opt for dabbing as an alternative. 

If you extract the THC in a sensible and reasonable fashion you can ensure that you're experience will be both healthy and nutritious.

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