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What Do You Get The Herb Fan Who Has Everything?

Posted by CSR Team on

What Do You Get The Herb Fan Who Has Everything?

We all know one; that herb fan who seems to be impossible to buy for. They seem to have every bong, pipe, and vaporizer on the market.

They also seem to have every strain of herb known to man; they’re virtually impossible to surprise.

So what do you do? Do you simply give up and give them that most bland of presents, the gift card?

We at have decided that enough is enough. We have combed our stock to find the most unusual but also useful herb accessories we could find.

These are sure to put a smile on any herb fans’s face! Best of all they’re unlikely to have seen anything like them before! Probably; there’s always one jaded git who’ll remain unimpressed.

Twisty Glass Blunt

Glass Blunt EDIT

The Twisty Glass Blunt is part of our fantastically designed and curated EDIT collection. Constructed from high quality glass this is a sturdy piece that won't let you down.

The concept behind the design of the Twisty is that it can totally replace the rolling skins and roaches usually associated with enjoying herb. This could revolutionise your enjoyment of herb!

The Twisty is capable of holding up to 1.5g of your ground up your herb blend. Once you fill your glass blunt you take the screw component and twist is thorough the herb to lock it into place. You’ll notice that the herb has been twisted around the coils of the screw.

Once it’s been fully loaded you can light it up, all you have to do is light it as you would a paper joint and puff away until the flame catches!

Now you can enjoy all of your herb without having to worry about burning your fingers. When it’s time to clean it out all you have to do is remove the screw and tip out the ash.

The Magnetic Wooden Taster Box From Ryot

Magnetic storage box

This stylish storage box is perfect for the organised smoker on the go. It will keep your dry herb fresh and is easy to store in a bag or jacket.

It comes equipped with hollow recesses that can securely store a small herb pipe, so you can have your entire smoking experience tidied away into one compact package.

Its magnetic lid will keep your kit safe while also being quick and convenient to open. It comes in a whole range of striking natural finished including walnut, bamboo, black, maple, and rosewood!

Wooden Rolling Box from RAD Smoking

wooden storage box

For those who want a more substantial kit for storing a more elaborate smoking kit there’s this stylish wooden rolling box from RAD.

It’s perfect for distinguished and stylish home storage for the herb fan who wants to keep their rolling station tidy and visually appealing!

Equipped with three individual compartments that are the ideal size for skins and papers as well as all of your herb blends. The storage box also features a handy little v shaped piece of wood to act as a rolling crutch!

Humidifying Stones From Greengo

Humidfying stone

Now that you’ve gotten your herb storage sorted how do you ensure that it remains as fresh as possible?

The unique humidifying stones from Greengo will keep your herb nice and fresh without tainting them with any chemical tastes! One pack contains five stones, so you can count on this quality at great prices.

So there we have it, four examples of amazing presents for the herb fan who has everything you’re sure to surprise them with something here!.

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