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What bong is right for me? | The must read bong guide

Posted by Adam Cazes on

What bong is right for me? | The must read bong guide

You’re here reading this and wondering what bong is right for you.  Well, let me tell you what bong could be the right kind of bong for you! There are different kinds of people on this earth just like there are different kinds of bongs to choose from.  That is where things can get tricky and when Youtube or Google always come into play. You’ll start searching “What is a good bong?”, “what kind of bong have a harsher hit?” or even “What bongs have smoother hits?”. Search no more because I’m about to break things down for you and make it easier to choose the right bong for you!

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Standard Bongs

Buy cheap glass bongs online UKWe all have that one friend who only wants harsh rips to the lungs. Any person who wants a bong that they can really feel in their lungs, I always suggest getting a bong that won’t create a smooth hit. I’ll get into explaining bongs that will create smoother hits a little later on. Standard bongs without any percolators or ice notches would be classified as your basic “get the job done” bong. When you light your herb the smoke will travel straight through the tube and that’s it! They’re standard and I would also suggest them to first time users as well. Standard bongs aren’t complicated to understand and will give you knowledge on what kind of bong you’re going to want next once you’re ready to “upgrade”.


Ice Notches

Buy bongs online UKNow, on to the bongs that have ice notches! Ice notches are a lovely invention for the people who want a harsh hit that is slightly soothed. When looking at a bong, ice notches are easily noticeable. You’ll rarely need to question yourself whether the bong you’re looking at has ice notches because like I said, they can be easily spotted. When you’re looking at a bong, ice notches are usually up top near the mouth piece. It will look like pinched glass on the inside and that is where your ice cubes will go. When you put ice in your bong, the smoke will travel through you pipe and right before you inhale the smoke, it travels through the ice cooling down the smoke and creating a smoother hit that will be just right. Sometimes, ice isn’t enough to soothe the smoke and if that’s the case, there is another option for you!


Percolator Bongs

Percolator bong buy online UK Bongs with percolators (also known as “percs”) are an even better invention than ice notches. Let’s break down the meaning of a percolator. A percolator uses water chambers to cool your smoke. The process of this cooling method is fairly simple. Whether you have one chamber or a few, those chambers are filled with water. The pressure difference between the top and bottom outlets will allow the smoke to flow through the water creating a smoother hit. When it comes to percolators, there are a few different kinds of percs you’ll come across when searching for a bong with percolators. A few popular percolators are showerhead percs, honeycomb, matrix and helix. Trust me, there are more percs I could name off but those are just some of the popular ones. They all look different but create a smooth hit that you’re looking for when looking for a bong with percolators.

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