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Is the Vaporizer Market still growing?

Posted by Daniel Jadczak on

Is the Vaporizer Market still growing?

If you could gaze into a crystal ball and see into the vaporizing future what would you see?  How will technological advances push the boundaries of future vaporizing excellence? Is it really possible to produce better machines than the PAX, the Firefly, the Mighty, etc? It's hardly believable that such magnificent creations of human endeavour and ingenuity can be bettered, but bettered they will be. The next generation of vapes will be designed to optimize every last herb in your device, every last strand of material will be harvested so that you'll receive the highest level of vaping splendor.

Pax Vaporizers

Vape Pen Manufacturers

One of the difficulties that manufacturers encounter is how to make vapes small and still get them packed full of the latest tech advances. Attempting to put cutting edge electronic components into such small spaces can become an arduous task.  But in the coming year we can expect more of these elite electronic components to be fitting inside the smallest vaporizers on the market. The devices of the future will be small and neat,  but  yet they will still maintain the same level of superb proficiency. Not only can we expect superb efficiency we can expect the vaporizers of the future to be eminently superior what we might be previously have been accustomed with.

Vaporizer Users

There are many issues that users have been encountering with some of the latest vaporizers, and as the years go by many of these issues have been solved, but some remain rampant. One huge huge issue is that vape pens have a tendency to combust rather than vaporize, but with the advent of new technology in the coming years we can expect far less combustion and better overall productivity  when it comes to getting the vapes that you need.  The machines designed for the future are going to ensure that you wont be interrupted with any nasty surprises. Incorporating glass filters into vapes  is  one of the ways company's are expect to reduce or eliminate problems associated with combustion.  More compact heating systems are expected to be utilized resulting in faster heating times, and faster access to your herbs. Instantaneous  vaping sessions is the gold standard of what manufactures will hope to achieve, and with each year that is passing this apex is closer to being reached.   

New types of Vaporizers

Another superb feature that is set to explode onto the scene is laser vaporizing, this system of heating your herbs is expected to take over in the very near future.  The issue with many of todays modern vaporizers is that you can spend too much time in getting the vape ready before you're able to draw from it. And like I alluded to, one of the prospective solutions to this issue is laser technology which results in a very rapid heat up of your herbs.  The technology hasn't been fully developed, but I expect that in the very near future that using lasers inside vaporizers will become a necessity. Watch this space, laser technology could be on the cusp of a new revolution in vaporizing  excellence.

In the coming years we can expect vapes with longer battery life to become an everyday thing. Strong battery's will be as essential to vaporizers as the herbs themselves. The one thing every machine from Car to Aeroplane needs is a strong engine, and this will be an essential component of any new vaporizer that will be on the market within the coming years. The new age machines will  deliver you your herbs at a fast, continuous, and interrupted fashion. The main thing about the vaporizers over the next few years is that they will improve your access to vapes, every barrier that was previously flung in your way will be removed.

More vaporizers will begin to take advantage of wireless charging systems that will charged up your vaporizer in a matter of seconds. The one word that will be prevalent in the coming years- is faster, faster, faster.  The days of someone sitting around, putting the slippers on, and being able to put the kettle on before a vaporizer is ready for action is fast drawing to a close. 

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Vaporizers development

Overall,  in the coming years what we can expect that vaporizers that will continue to push the boundaries in terms of vaping greatness. No longer will people to satisfied with second rate products, but they'll seek vapes that not only are good, but vapes that are great. The days of having to wait a period of time until your vape is ready is fast drawing to a close, and from now on, in the not too distant future, instantaneous vaping at the click of a button will become the must have vaporizing need.