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Using a Grinder and what to use when not

Posted by Daniel Jadczak on

Using a Grinder and what to use when not

Grinders are an essential piece of equipment for all stoner's. These devices are vital if you want to get the maximum benefit from your herbs. The reason why grinders are pivotal are varied and multiple.What you cant just do when sampling your herb is to just throw your plants in and start smoking it. What you'll need to do is get yourself a good quality grinder to ensure that your herbs are ground down to a good level of consistency. Finer materials will usually ensure that you'll be able to enjoy your smoke or vape at the optimum level of bliss.

But having a good grinder is only half the battle as you'll need a grinder that will get the job done properly. There is a whole plethora of tips and tricks that you can incorporate into your grinding knowledge that not only will improve your experience it will make your smoke that extra bit sweeter. What you're going to read below is information that not only is important to herbal enthusiasts but information that is vital to any self respecting stoner.


So you've just purchased your first grinder and you're all excited- jumping around the place like a greedy kid in a sweet shop. You realise that you're only moments away from getting so stoned that you'll need CPR to kick start your vital organs. But when you use the grinder you discover that the herbal you've shredded is just too bulky. This news sends you into the depth of despair as you realize your buzz is gone. You’ve fumbled the ball and slipped on your backside in front of an open goal. Snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. 

The device which was supposed to rescue you from the depths of an antiquated barbarous past of bongs, blunts, and joints has failed because your plants are too coarse. It looks like you're going to be stuck back in the stone age, in a god-damn time warp.  Your mind is tipped into a black melancholic swamp where there seems to be no light. For all intensive purposes  the grinder that you've purchased looks like a fresh pile of steaming dog turd sitting right on top of your desk- mocking you, calling you names!! 

BUT, then you discover my blog and you read that all you have to do in this situation is turn the grinder upside down and your materials will be ground down into a finer consistency. Yes, that's all you have to do is turn the grinder upside down and grind that mofo like your life depends on it. Grind it until beads of sweat begins to form on your forehead. Use that wrist that so many of you filthy animals use for alternative activities. Pray that your parents don't look in the window and witness you with sweat pouring down your forehead, as the blankets of the bed bounce up and down like some wild African beast has been let loose underneath the covers of the bed.  Pray that you wont have to explain that  the situation is all a big misunderstanding as your dad stares at you with all knowing look. If you can avoid all of this, you should open your grinder and you'll discover materials that are fine and smooth and ready for a top quality smoke.



One of the handiest tricks for grinding your herbs is to put a coin inside your grinder. If you place a coin around the middle compartment  this will act as an extra filter and will make your herbs even finer. The coin also will prevent the grinder getting clogged and will help with the overall production quality of your herbs. Another added benefit to using a coin is you wont have to pay a truckload of cash to implement this strategy into your own grinding plans. Using a coin is cost effective, efficient, and it results in a superior smoke.


You should always attempt to grind your herbal when its dry as this will be more conducive to a better overall smoking result. The simple fact is, sticky herbal is far more difficult to try and sieve through the grinder and this makes your herbal inferior.  I most definitely am not saying to have your herbal completely dried out, but what I am saying is that it should be at a nice consistency. When you have your herbal at a certain level of consistency you’ll soon discover that your smoke will be more flavourful and delicious.


It was when I was at college that I learned my next nugget of wisdom- use your guitar pick to pack your herbal into the bowl.  Many grinders come supplied with utensils which are designed to help scrape your herbal into piles, but some of the utensils fail to get the job done. This is where your guitar pick comes in which allows you to utilize all of your herbs and play some top quality songs at the same time.


Another very handy trick when grinding your herb is to utilize your Coffee Grinder. I must admit that I didn't even bother cleaning the coffee out from the machine I just popped the herbal in, pressed the button, and off grinding the machine went.  The Coffee did add quite an unusual taste, but I found that it enhanced the experience of the weed and led to a better overall flavour. Now I’m in no way telling you to chuck in full load of Coffee Beans into your plants all I’m saying is it worked for me.


If you're really stuck, and I mean really stuck, what you can do is get the chopping board and knife out and begin chopping your herbal like you would with a salad. But when using real sharp knifes with anything you should be very cautious as accidents can happen. I certainly wouldn't recommend using this method if you're already half stoned as you may be left with a few less digits on your hands.


You need to pick a grinder that will suit the place where you intend to put your herbs. For example, if you intend to put your herbs into a vaporizer some vaporizers need herbal that is coarser whilst others need finer materials. You just have to be aware of the device you have and then get your herbal ground up to suit that particular device.


You should always break up your herbal into smaller pieces as this will ensure that your materials are grinded down at the perfect consistency.  If you put a big lump of herbal into your grinder then your product may not disperse like it should. Another issue is that if a big lump is put into the grinder that the grinder wont generate the force necessary to get the job done, and of course, this is something that must be avoided at all costs.


You need to be very careful about where you're going to be putting your herbal as there is nothing worse than a loads of herbal spilling onto a dirty floor. Once you have finished your grind, make sure your hand is steady, and then pour the contents into a secure location where they wont be scattered onto the floor.