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Top 7 Herb Grinders For Every Budget

Posted by Adam Cazes on

Top 7 Herb Grinders For Every Budget

It's common knowledge in the UK herb scene that to get the most out of your dry plants you've gotta grind it down. We stock a truly gigantic range of grinders on our UK web store, so much intact that we deemed it necessary to write this handy guide that lists the best grinders for every budget, from premium to affordable, there's something for everyone here!

Four Piece Sifter Grinder From Phoenician

This striking pink four piece herb grinder from phonican is pricey, coming in at £85! However for this price you get the height of herb grinder design. Phoenician have manufactured this grinder to the highest possible standards using aerospace grade aluminium! The four part design of the grinder clicks together easily without any awkward threads that’s to a system of ingenious twist locks. The top two sections are also held together with a powerful magnet to help protect your herb from accidental spills. The teeth of this dry plant grinder are set in a patented diametrically cut position that maximises grinding efficiency and reduces the amount of physical effort required to perfectly grind your herbs. Finally the Phoenician grinder comes with a handy little slot that can hold your skins.

GR8TR Jar Sifter Grinder


This could be the most innovative grinder on the market at the moment. Designed by The Kannaster this unique grinder comes in at £61.99. The design of this piece makes grinding effortless, as you grind your herb will fall down into the glass jar for easy collection. The interchangeable grinder plates allow you to choose how fine you want to grind your herb so you can get the perfect consistency for vaping, bongs, or whatever you may need it for!

Four Piece Magnetic Grinder

Bong Grinders

Coming in at £44.99 this grinder is somewhat more affordable and it is fantastic value for money. It is a solidly put together grinder that uses ingenious magnets to ensure that the lid stays on when you’re grinding your herb. This is a godsend as many of the more basic grinders on the market don’t have any grip keeping the lid on. This grinder comes in a variety of different sizes, allowing you to choose the best one for you!

Thorinder Mini Herb Grinder


Cheap grinders

The Thorinder Mini is named after Thor, the Norse god of thunder, due to the little lightning bolts cut into its plate. Costing £33.99 this sleek little grinder is perfect for those in the market for a mid range piece.

Constructed from anodised aluminium and medical-grade stainless steel this grinder is decorated with coloured metal to compliment the little thunderbolts cut into it. Of course it also has a clear top so you can appreciate its aesthetics as you grind! This four part grinder features magnetic action for ease of use and also comes with a handy cleaning tool!

Four-Piece Herb Grinder with Rotary Crank Handle



At £29.99 this rotary grinder is perfect for those who like to enjoy their herb in the leisure of their own home. The 4-part aluminium grinder is from the EDIT collection and is constructed with high grade aluminium. It uses a rotary crank to make grinding herb practically effortless.the 4 part construction allows the user to separate the material in the grinder so you can control how fine your grind is.

Four Part Aircraft Aluminum Grinder From Wolf

Aluminium Grinder

One of our most affordable pieces at only £16.99! The Wolf grinder range is a fantastic medium sized grinder made from aircraft grade aluminium. It comes in a variety of finishes for those who appreciate aesthetics. The grinder cap is topped off with a striking wolf wireframe decal.

The sharp metal teeth contained within will ensure that your herbs are ground down perfectly. The grinder can be found in Black, Grey, or Silver and comes with a fetching velvet pouch when not in uses.


King Skull

Funny grinders


This grinder is the most affordable on the list, coming in at only £10.99. The grinder itself is ingeniously stored inside a brass skull. The skull is wearing a crown, hence the name of this piece, but is it the skull of a king or some manner of skeleton monarch? Do skeletons have monarchies? If so how does that work; seeing as most monarchies are hereditary and skeletons can’t reproduce (lacking the requisite squishy bits) how does the skeleton king nominate heirs? Is there anti-monarchist skeletons? Democratic skeletons? Anarcho-syndicalist skeletons? Libertarian skeletons? This piece brings up a lot of questions, if we’re being perfectly honest. It's also needlessly spooky. It's a good grinder though.