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The Martian Bubbler - Review

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The Martian Bubbler - Review

Blunts and joints have always been one of the easier ways of smoking. You jonesing? Then all you have to do is roll up, step outside and you're good to go.

Bongs have always been the superior way to smoke, as the water and percolators filter the smoke, removing any tar or debris and aerates it, making it go down a lot smoother.

The problem with bongs is that any bong worth your money is too big to carry around with you.

Some bongs are small, but even small bongs are about the length of your forearm, and at that size, the glass is usually cheap and thin, meaning it’ll break eventually. Bongs are pretty much only good for session smoking.

So the big question is, how do we get the beauty and the convenience of a blunt over the the filtrated taste and health improvements of a bong.

The answer is The Martian Joint Bubbler by Inferno, which is a portable water tool built especially for blunts. Nowhere on the market is there such a water tool for blunts.

Not one this perfect. It’s so small and so convenient and works just as well as an actual bong and actually hits a lot smoother than full sized water tools. It’s difficult to get over just how small this is and just how delicious it hits at the same time.

Martian Glass Blunt Joint Bubbler EveryoneDoesIt


The Martian Joint Bubbler

The Martian Joint Bubbler is an amazingly small little piece of glass. With a height of only 161mm and made out of a sturdy glass, it could fit easily in a bag or taken around with you and give some of that filtered bong power.

Also, given its expert build quality, it can take the abuse of daily use. Just imagine it, the Martian Glass Bubbler taking its well deserves place among your portable herb gear, along with your lighter and grinder.

Once you’ve expertly rolled yourself your blunt, it’s just no trouble at all to slip it into the bowl of this incredibly convenient water tool.

Spark up, and feel that filtered glory wash over you. It’s just so incredibly easy to use. The bubbling action on this water tool is amazing.

The way the water bubbles and swirls around the little chamber, even if the blunt isn’t in there, will go to show just how well this thing filters.

It filters so well, we’d recommend after every 1-2 blunts that you switch out the water, because with only a little amount of water even needed in the tool, that means it’s going to get dirty fast.


The Martian Glass Bubbler isn’t the first water tool to be compatible with blunts, but it’s one of the first to specialize in it, and I think that’s where a lot of the quality comes from.

Other pipes that filter blunts weren’t usually built with that purpose to begin with, and so they’re not really suited to it. You may have trouble with the draw resistance.

You may also have trouble with bowl placement on the blunt. With some longer blunts, blunt adapted water tools end up with the blunt right in your face and it may even start to burn your lip as you go.

Martian Glass Blunt Joint Bubbler EveryoneDoesIt

With The Martian Glass Bubbler, this is nowhere close to even an issue. It fits all blunts perfectly and bubbles them perfectly, and with the carb hole, the draw resistance is superb.

This Martian Joint Bubbler is spill proof and contains a cone shaped insert so that any blunt size can fit into its bowl. When we say this thing is spill proof, we mean it.

When this thing gets to bubbling, you’ll be surprised that no water gets into your mouth with how much its swirling. With Inferno’s patented design, you won’t have to worry about your blunt getting wet.

The design incorporates elements from one-hitters perfectly and there’s also no waste during your smoke.

Cleaning can be tricky as the Glass Bubbler is closed off at the top, but with a good, thin brush and a cleaning solution, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

One of the greatest examples of smoking convenience the industry’ seen since the glass spoon pipe.

What you’re getting with the Martian Glass Bubbler is a compact convenience that delivers the smoothest hits you’ll ever get out of a blunt.

True, cooled, aerated flavor right there in your pocket. Get your Glass Bubbler today; emblazoned with the Martian design so people know who it is you’re smoking.

Amazingly, even though it was made for blunts, the Martian Glass Bubbler is also compatible as an actual bong.

Don’t want to smoke an entire joint now, just get a little bit of weed and well pack your bowl for an instant bong hit.

Make sure to thoroughly clean your Martian Bubbler if you are going to smoke it like this though as you will find yourself building up resin quite soon. 

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