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The Carb Cap - What's It For?

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The Carb Cap - What's It For?

Dabbing is growing in popularity in the UK as access to herb concentrates is slowly increasing as attitudes towards herb changes at home and abroad.

Dabbing rigs are generally straight forward enough to use, especially for anyone with any experience in the UK herb scene.

However one item of dabbing paraphernalia which has been baffling some is a carb cap? To clear this up we decided to create this piece and demystify the carb cap!


Before we talk about Carb Caps we need to understand dabbing. Dabs are a form of concentrated herb that is made by extracting all off the active ingredients through a process that uses solvents like butane to force them out.

The resulting product comes in three separate forms defined by how pure and concentrated it is.

The first form is oil, the second wax; a sticky honey like substance, and the final form is the purest: shatter, which is brittle like glass (hence the name).

Dabbing gets its name from the specialised tool used to pickup and drop the material into the dabbing rig.

This instrument is called a dabbing tool, funny enough. The part of the rig you drop your concentrate onto is called a nail.

A nail is small device usually made of titanium or quartz. The function of the nail is to vaporise your concentrate, so it has to be heat up first.

The most common way to heat a nail is with a small butane torch, though electric nails that heat themselves up are available on the UK market.

Once the nail is heated any concentrate that is dropped onto it should be vaporised instantly!

If the dabbing material starts burning then your nail isn’t hot enough! If it evaporates properly then you should be able to take a hit and enjoy the effects.

What are the advantages of dabbing?

For a start dabbing is much more efficient than dry herb. A breadcrumb sized amount of concentrate ncan give a formidable high.

This is because the wax or shatter often contains up to 95% more THC than cannabis flowers. So a little will go a long way.

This level of concentration means that dabbing is fast. The effects of the THC much faster than you could from smoking.

It can be felt virtually instantly; this makes it very effective for medicinal treatment as users will feel the pain relief and appetite stimulation much faster than from smoking.

Speaking of smoking herb: The amount of THC in a single dab hit can be equivalent to several joints, so it has the same effect while totally avoiding the harshness of all that smoke on your lungs. Best of all it is virtually scentless.

Concentrate doesn’t have the strong scent of herb, and taking a dab hit doesn’t have the lingering scent of smoking.

For those with of the sensitive olfactory persuasion it’s a god send.

Carb Caps: What Are They Good For

Quartz Carb Caps

Carb caps are a very handy innovation for dabbing aficionados, and anyone who likes their concentrate should definitely consider picking one up.

The main purpose of a carb cap is the fact that it saves the smoke released by your concentrate from leaving your nail.

After each hit you may find that left over dabbing material tends to burn as the nail starts to rapidly cool (thanks to the titanium or quartz construction!).

So rather than letting that escape into the air the carb cap traps it in place and allows you to take another hit! Saving your precious concentrate.

Thanks to the smoke trapping qualities of a carb cap you can enjoy your dabs at a much cooler temperature as you won't have to take it all at once. This means that you can enjoy easier and cooler hits!

Finally you’ll find that the taste of your dabs are massively improved by the inclusion of a carb cap, the lower temperatures meant that more terpenes are released, generally improving the taste.

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