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The Best Portable Vapes for Under £50!

Posted by Adam Cazes on

The Best Portable Vapes for Under £50!

The UK vaporizer scene is growing everyday, adherence of the UK herb scene are slowly but surely putting aside their bongs, pipes, and rolling papers in favor of the healthier, more efficient alternative that is a vaporizer. However not everyone has converted yet, and some of those who are curious hesitate when confronted by the sheer cost of a vaporizer. So to help coax the curious we’ve compiled a list of high quality vaporizers that won't break the bank! So without further adieu here are our top vaporizers for under 50 quid!

Black Mamba

Cheap Vaporizer

The Black Mamba Vaporizer is a steal at only £47.95. The Black Mamba is one of our best selling portable vapes and with good reason. Not only is it exceedingly affordable it has a whole host of fantastic features. It uses conduction heating which puts the herb into direct contact with the heating element for a quick heat up time. Its large ceramic chamber effectively vaporizes your herbs, and combined with the all glass vapor path and mouthpiece promises clean, tasty vapor with every hit. The two second heat up time is a god send for those who enjoy their vape on the go. The Black Mamba features five temperature settings that will allow you to control your vaping experience. It is easily rechargeable with a USB charger and its compact size makes it eminently portable.

R2 Series Vaporizer

Affordable Vapes

The R2 Series vaporizer is the latest pen vape from This Thing Rips and  at only £32.99 it’s a complete steal. It’s perfect for those of you who prefer a dab concentrate vape over dry herb. The R2 offers a rig-like hit in the form of a compact, vape pen package. It has a specially designed and calibrated heating coil system that vaporizes wax concentrate cleanly and without any combustion. Its ceramic components help deliver an even, tasty hit with every draw, and unlike some vaporizers your can take truly gigantic hits.

Shhhh! 2 In 1 Herb And Concentrate Vaporizer

Vaporizers for under 100

So we’ve looked at a vape for herb fans and a vape for concentrate fans, now let's look at one for all you indecisive stoners out there! This versatile vape costs a mere £29.99 and is compatable with both dry herb and concentrate. It features a vertically positioned ceramic coil heating element which is controlled with an user friendly one button control and a lightning fast heat up time. In box you’ll find everything you need to start vaping (with the exception of your herb/ concentrate, of course!) and the unit will be ready to go straight away! The Shhhh! Has a powerful lithuim-ion battery that will ensure that it won’t let you down mid sesh! It was designed with versatility in mind and its interchangabe atomizers allow you to quickly swap between dry herbs and wax concentrate! Best of all its discreet, low-key design makes it exceedingly portable.

The Shhhh! Feature a high-quality ceramic oven that guarantees you even heating and a smooth, untainted hit with every pull.

The Sleek V2 Air Series Vaporizer

Affordable dry herb vaporizers

The White Rhino Sleek V2 is only £44.99 and for the sheer quality is a fantastic portable vaporizer designed to be used with BOTH oils and herbs! It has a minimalist design and sleek, light structure that makes them one of the stealthiest and discreet vaporizers you’ll find in the UK. It is easily carried in a pocket or bag, and won’t stick out when you use it! Unusually for a portable vape the White Rhino uses combustion to burn your herb at the optimal temperature, so it can be ready for use in seconds!

So there we have it, four fantastic vaporizers for under £50 of your hard earned paper notes! For a broader selection of fantastic portable vapes suitable for a whole range of budgets!