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The Best Gifts For Your Stoner Dad

Posted by Adam Cazes on

The Best Gifts For Your Stoner Dad

 Father’s day is coming up, the one day when people all across the UK panic and wonder what to buy their stoner dad. Well we feel your pain, so to help out we’ve compiled a list of the very best possible gifts for your herb fiend father!



Bongs are the most famous of all the methods of enjoying dry herb. They have a place in pop culture and even the most abstinent of puritans will know what they are. Bongs work by drawing the smoke from your herb hit through water, this cools it down as is filtered to a degree, offering you a smooth and cool hit.

Many bong aficionados appreciate them for their aesthetic value. A high quality, hand blown bong is a thing of beauty, and can be a striking centerpiece to any stoner’s collection.


For your stoner dad there is only one bong brand that you can choose from, Roor.
Roor are a bong company from Germany. All their products are manufactured by renowned glass blower Martin Birzle and team of glass-blowing experts. Every Roor bong is emblazoned with Birzle’s signature and all are blown masterfully from the finest quality borosilicate glass. Among connoisseurs roor has become an icon for elite glass smoking equipment, they are they Ferrari of the UK bong market, and they are the last word in quality when it comes to glass bongs.


A dry herb pipe is perfect for the stoner dad on the go. Pipes are far more portable than bongs, typically they’re made out of some ceramic substance or glass. They are the single most straightforward method of enjoying your herb, all you have to do is pack it, light it, and enjoy.

Pipes are far faster to pack and light in comparison to bongs. They’re also far more efficient with their bowls reflecting heat back into your herb and ensuring an even burn.

A downside of pipes is that they don’t cool down the smoke from your herb that much.However a new pipe on the market solves that problem. the Genius Pipe. A unique, minimalist  dry herb pipe. The Genius is designed to cool your hit by generating a multitude of vortices with every hit. It can do this thanks to the pattern of dimples built into it’s anodized aluminium body. The Genius is portable, easy to extinguish, easy to smoke and easy to clean! It is without a doubt one of the best pipes on the market.



If you care about your stoner dad’s health you should make sure to buy him a vaporizer. Portable vapes are taking the UK herb scene by storm, they’re cleaner, healthier, and more efficient than any other way of enjoying herb. Vaporizers work by using heating elements to vaporize the active ingredients in dry herb without burning it. This means that all the carcinogens and toxins don’t enter your body.


The best vaporizer for a seasoned herb user in the UK is the Da Vinci IQ. The DaVinci IQ is the most advanced portable vaporizer on the UK market. The IQ vaporizer is certainly one of the smartest vapes out there. It’s packed with innovative features that set it far apart from all of its competition. Its conduction heating element ensures that you’ll be getting the purest flavour in no time, and the best vape experience possible! You’ll know exactly what your vape is doing at any time thanks to the array of LED dots to make a clear, easy to read, and striking display.


No matter what you buy your stoner dad you should definitely buy him a grinder. A grinder is essential if you want to get an even burn out of your herb. Your herb will burn smoother and easier when it has been finely ground and well packed. For vaporizers you’re going to always want to grind your herb. When your herb is ground it exposes more surface area resulting in a smoother, thicker vapor!