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The Arizer ArGo Vape: Ultra Discreet and Portable

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The Arizer ArGo Vape: Ultra Discreet and Portable

Here we Arizer ArGo Go Go!

The Arizer ArGo vape has been around for a couple of years and continues to impress. It is not cheap, it is not the smallest portable vape on the market, it is not the best looking of vaporizers, but what it is, is incredible.

Arizer vapes have been consistently excellent from the first unit they shipped, and with the arrival of the ArGo at the end of last year, things just continued to improve in 2018.

It has an unusual shape for a portable vape that is marketed as discreet, but it works brilliantly as an easily concealable vape. It looks like a packet of cigarettes or a wallet when it is in the pocket, and it certainly does not look like a vape when it is in the hand.

But the discretion possible with this device is only part of the picture, the best feature by far is the vape quality. What used to be the sole province of a desktop vaporizer is now available straight from your pocket in a discreet package: the Arizer ArGo.

That might be overselling it a little; it is won’t be as good as a Storz and Bickel Volcano, but then few things are. It comes within sight, however, of that mighty goal, giving consistently thick, delicious and flavoursome vapour with very little drag resistance.

The Arizer ArGo presents the future of vaporizer design. It has features that used to cost a serious buck and quality that is hard to beat. Arizer vaporizers are all this good.

This is all due to the fantastic design, so let us pick it apart to see how it works.

Whats In the Box with the Arizer ArGo?

  • Arizer ArGo x 1
  • Filter Screen (Stainless Steel) x 4
  • Silicone Stem Cap x 2
  • Glass Aroma Tube x 2
  • Carry Case x 1
  • Stirrer x 1
  • 18650 Rechargeable Battery x 1
  • USB Charger x 1
  • Manual x 1

Arizer ArGo EDIT UK

Out of the Box

The initial thoughts of this user after unboxing this delight is that it oozes quality construction. A cheap device will never feel as solid or as well made as a well-designed, well-constructed device like this.

The stainless steel case is covered in grippy rubber, with a cool, durable feel to it. Plugging it in, it took about 3 hours to get a full charge into the battery from empty.

The screen is bright and clear, giving a read out on battery status, the unit of heat used and the temperature of the chamber.

Changing settings is intuitive and easy with the onboard buttons (which do not feel tacky or cheap).

Chamber filled, borosilicate glass “aroma tube” inserted and filled with high quality herb, the device took about 30 seconds to heat up and gave a blast of tasty, tasty vape that impressed everyone. It then did it again, and again.


Temperature Control

One of the major attractions of the Arizer ArGo is the incredibly precise temperature control. Move your desired temperature by just 1°C at a time to achieve the perfect vaping experience.

This level of control is almost unprecedented; it wasn’t until 2009 that the Volcano Digital gave this level of control on a desktop vape, let alone a portable one.

This is progress. Very pleasingly, the ArGo gives the user control from 50°C to 220°C (122°F to 428°F), which covers nearly any vaping possibility.

Once you have had this level of control, it is hard to go back to anything else. For getting that last tasty bit of vape from the chamber, nothing beats precise control.


The battery in the Arizer ArGo vape is a rechargeable AA battery. It will charge as you use it if you have it plugged in (via micro USB), which can save the day if you wanted a session without remembering to charge it beforehand.

Either way, the battery will last about 1 hour and charge in between 1 and 3 hours, depending on the battery.Arizer ArGo


The ceramic heating chamber heats in under a minute and can take 0.20 grams of dried herbs. This is not the biggest chamber, but it is a very well designed chamber.

It heats evenly and consistently without any odd flavours because it uses convection technology. To see convection tech in portable vapes is great, to see it working properly is even better.

Nothing heats as completely or as perfectly as convection, as the thick clouds of delicious vapour this tiny machine is capable of producing will show.

Weight and Size

Coming in at 96 grams, the Arizer ArGo vape is pretty light, especially considering the glass and steel in the construction. The dimensions are 93 mm by 52 mm by 24 mm, so easily pocket sized.

Display and Controls

The OLED display shows the temperature, battery status and which degree scale is being used. To adjust the temperature, the up and down buttons are used. The brightness of the screen can also be changed for extra discretion.


The mouthpiece also doubles as the vaping chamber. Pop out the aroma tube from the stem protector slot, pack the bottom of it with your herbs and slot it in place.

Wait for it to heat up and take a hit. It is that easy. Borosilicate is glass commonly used in laboratories, so it is heat resistant and tough (for glass), making it the perfect material for cooling vapour in a short pathway like on the ArGo.

While it makes it more delicate, few things can compete with the quality of the vape from borosilicate.


To clean the Arizer ArGo vape, pop the mouthpiece out, clean it with warm, soapy water or isopropyl alcohol (careful, it is extremely flammable) and pipe cleaners.

Rinse and dry it, then put it back. It is the only part of the machine that has contact with herbs or your mouth, the rest of it can be left alone. This makes cleaning a lot easier.

Vape Quality

Needless to say, the vape from this machine is exquisite, for a portable vape. Thick, delicious, fully controllable and flavoursome, it is hard to see why you would choose anything else if you have the money.

We'll Leave You With This..

The Arizer ArGo vape beats other dry herb vaporizers in the same price range or higher in nearly every aspect.

It is well designed, expertly constructed, rugged, cool looking, easy to use, precise, efficient, charges easily, lasts a long time and offers extremely high quality vapour from a discreet little body.

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