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Costume Ideas From Your Favourite On-Screen Dry Herb Characters

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Costume Ideas From Your Favourite On-Screen Dry Herb Characters

Halloween is criminally underrated. It is without a doubt one of THE MOST FUN holidays of the year.

Just think about it – people give out free sweets, and you can escape from whatever earthly woes you have by becoming literally anybody else for one magical night.

If you’re still stuck for a costume for this Halloween, we’ve rounded up the most recognizable on-screen stoners and their most iconic looks, so you’re sure to have a truly dank All Hallows Eve.

Abbi and Ilana – Broad City

Not only has Broad City given us four seasons of laugh-out-loud female counter-culture comedy, Abbi Jacobsen and Ilana Glazer have also served some serious looks throughout their time running one of the most successful comedies on TV in recent years.

From the Missy Elliot blow up-suit to Ilana’s dog sweater and magic-markered stomach, and not forgetting Abbi’s manic episode running around Whole Foods with Bingo Bronson, and That Blue Dress – here's some of our favourite iconic looks that would make for an excellent costume for you and your BFF.

Pro tip – Ilana and Abbi are particular fans of glass pipes and water bongs on the show, so if you’re going to a house party this Halloween bring along your favourite pipe for some added authenticity.

Abbi and Ilana – Broad City

Source: Broad City Twitter

The Dude – The Big Lebowski

The Dude – The Big Lebowski


Consequence of Sound described The Big Lebowski as “perfecting the art of stoner noir”, an acclaim that is large in part thanks to Jeff Bridges’ performance as The Dude.

Dressing up as one of the most iconic characters in Coen Brothers history may seem easy, but it’s all about getting the small details right. Most of the costumes for the character were actually provided by Jeff Bridges himself, even the jelly sandals!

The core elements of this look include a dressing gown, sunglasses, sandals, baggy shorts and an obligatory white Russian, so you’re sure to be comfortable partying in this ensemble this All Hallows’ Eve.

Jay and Silent Bob – Literally Every Kevin Smith Movie

Jay and Silent Bob


Kevin Smith’s iconic dry herb enthusiasts duo became so popular outside of the View Askewniverse that they even popped up in a few episodes of One Tree Hill. Dressing up as Jay and Silent Bob could not be easier, all you need is lots and lots of layers – for Jay, a grungey band shirt, flannel upon flannel, and a yellow ski jacket (if you can find one), with a snug black beanie. A+ if you’ve got the luscious locks to match, but a long blonde wig will do the trick.

Silent Bob is even easier, all you need to throw on is a long coat, backwards cap, Kevin Smith’s iconic jean shorts and a hastily drawn on beard if you’ve not been blessed with your own God/Alanis Morrisette-given facial hair.

If you truly want to go the extra mile, pick something up from the Jay and Silent Bob collaboration with Famous Brandz to take your costume to the next level.

Wayne and Garth – Wayne's World

Wayne and Garth


Much like Jay and Silent Bob, dressing up as Wayne and Garth is very much a package deal for any blonde and brunette BFF’s out there. If you don’t have the natural hair to match, grab some cheap wigs – the hair is very much integral to this look.

Everything else is a combination of things most people will have in the wardrobe; blue jeans (ripped is even better), a black t-shirt for Wayne, a band t-shirt for Garth, and a flannel shirt. It’s pretty easy to pick up a Wayne’s World hat online, but you could just as easily get creative with a black trucker hat and some tippex.

Johnny Depp / Hunter S Thompson - Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Johnny Depp / Hunter S Thompson


Johnny Depp’s turn as Hunter S Thompson in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas birthed one of the most famous dry herb characters of all time, and the outfit Johnny wears in this picture is probably the most recognizable costume in the whole movie.

All you need is a Hawaiian shirt, aviator sunglasses, a cigarette (or a joint, if you truly want to be in character) and a tan boonie hat. It’s also highly likely that your dad or another older male relative will have at least one, if not all these elements in their wardrobe, so check there first before spending any cash.

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