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RosinBomb Press – Your Panini Press for Weed

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RosinBomb Press – Your Panini Press for Weed

It's no secret that concentrates are quickly becoming one of the mainstays of the cannabis world. Don’t let that scare you, it's all for the good. After growing in popularity over the last number of years concentrates are positioned now as the go-to favourite way to get high for a lot of people.

So, why is that?

Well, for one thing, concentrates provide a much stronger and more effective way of getting high. Much more so than dry herbs. People have been catching onto this for a while and luckily for them, and the growing demand, a company like Rosinbomb has stepped up to provide for all.

Who They?

Originally starting out life as a family company that specialized in innovative machine building, the team at Rosinbomb have brought their decades of expertise and technical skill to the world of concentrates.

And thank goodness for that. Those years of expertise have really paid off with Rosinbomb quality units delivering high-end yields of concentrates from any strain you care to present it with.

The two standard bearers of the company are the Rosinbomb Rocket and the Rosinbomb M-50. We're going to take a look at why if you love concentrates and you see a Rosinbomb for sale, you need to get one.

Premium Quality

With the rise of concentrates has also come the concurrent rise of inferior products. There is no shortage of companies out there trying to convince you that you can get quality concentrates using cheap methods.

Unfortunately, this just isn't the case. If you want premium concentrates you need to be using the best methods possible. Rosinbomb products are held to the highest standards, their craftsmanship shining through in each facet of its design.

Rosinbomb presses are quality assured products that will only give you the very best. Don't be fooled by those who'd suggest using an iron or even a hair straightener to get your concentrates.

Nothing but miserable results lie that way. But on the other hand, every single plate on a Rosinbomb is designed to get you the most from your rosin.

Slick Design

When it comes to rosin, you get what you pay for. So, if your press looks cheap and flimsy then you know you're not in for a good time. Both the Rocket and the M-50 are powerful, durable units, built to the highest standard.

Other presses on the market tend to look cheaply put together and the rosin you can actually get off them reflect that. The Rosinbomb presses are made from slick-looking, stainless-steel exteriors.

These are units that you'd be proud to show off. And if for some reason you drop it, there's not a whole lot of damage to be done to either press. Although your floor might be dented so don't test that out.   


No More Noise

Like we said earlier, the Rosinbomb is made by a company that has specialized in machine innovation for decades prior.

This level of skill is made no clearer than in the company's choice in removing the hydraulics from their presses. That's right, unlike the other noisier presses available on the market Rosinbomb have done away with them.

No more hydraulics, no more pneumatics. Instead, the Rosinbombs are electronically powered which eliminates the constant upkeep necessary for hydraulic and pneumatic pumps. So pretty much zero noise and far less maintenance. What more could you ask for?

Weight and Size   

Both the Rosinbomb Rocket and the M-50 are quite similar in terms of design. But not totally. The Rocket is arguably more suitable for the regular dabber. At around 6kg and 10 inches high, it's not as cumbersome as the M-50.

This is a far more portable press, if you felt strong and had faith in your backpack you could pop it in your backpack before you headed off to meet friends.

The plates on the Rocket heat to around 148°C but the optimum temperature range is about 93°C to 104°C. Naturally, though, different strains require different temperatures so experimentation might be key.

The M-50, on the other hand, is much larger than the Rocket. It's 16 inches high and weighs in at roughly 16kg.

This much less likely to be chosen for its portability as it's the same size as a coffee machine. But because of its larger size, it can, naturally, create a lot of concentrates.

Boasting an impressive 5,500lbs in pressure-capability, once you get this going you'll be up to your eyes in delicious concentrates.

Decisions, Decisions

After all that the only thing left for you to decide is which press seems more suitable for your needs. It's easy enough to see why Rosinbomb is crushing the rosin press market.

Their pedigree of machine innovation has stood to them and to their customers and with these two products, we are seeing the cutting edge of what's possible in the rosin press world.

Few companies are delivering on the level that Rosinbomb are, so if you're serious about rosin you owe it to yourself to get one of these.

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