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Perfect Pieces For The Goth Herb Fan

Posted by CSR Team on

Perfect Pieces For The Goth Herb Fan

The UK herb scene is a counterculture, every bong fan, dabbing advocate, or vape user  is in their own way, taking part in a clique that runs contrary to the mainstream. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to assume that many modern herb fans may have gone through a counter culture phase during their formative years. Of course we all have phases and over time we usually grow up and out of these predilections. However there is always a part of us that will cling on to those old habits long, long after we should have left them behind.

One of the most common subcultures, or even a kind of rite of passage is the goth phase. Just mentioning that I know that hundreds of you out there have experienced an emotion that can only be described as a fusion between nostalgia and a cringe.

So for those of you who are still clinging on to their goth phase in their heart we have a whole range of morbid and macabre pieces that will allow you to enjoy your herb while also taking a stroll down memory lane. So without further adieu, here are the spookiest herb products in the UK.

Glass Skull Dab Rig

Glass Skull Dab rig EDIT

This Glass Skull Dab Rig is sure to give you a supernaturally good smoking session! Its body, or rather skull, is made of high quality glass, and topped off with a 14mm male ground joint, it’s packaged with a 14mm female quartz banger. This means that you can get stuck into a fantastic dabbing session nearly as soon as you take it out of the box.

The large water reservoir and diffused downstem means that your hit will be as cold as the grave… But in a good way.

Skull Percolator Ash Catcher

Ash catcher Skull Percolator

Some of you out there may want a spooky smoking experience without having to go out and buy an entire new waterpipe. For this we have a solution, the skull percolator ash catcher. This removable combination percolator and ash catcher is available in a range of sizes so you’re bound to be able to find the right one for you. This incredible skull percolator works with its ash catcher to help filter your hit more effectively, meaning that your hit will be smoother and much more pleasant. It will also make sure that no stray ash enters your water pipe.

Flaming Skull Percolator Bong

Flaming Skull Perc Bong

The Flaming Skull Perc Bong from Black Leaf is a fantastic tube bong with 5mm thick glass. It’s certainly a striking piece with blue tinted sections and the titular skull motif. This bong guarantees a smooth, cool hit thanks to its clear glass dome percolator and ice notches; which will allow you to drop ice cubes into the bong to cool your hit further.

This is a fantastic percolator bong with an attractive aesthetic is incredibly affordable for its price. Whether you’re going to pick it up as a beginner bong or as an addition to an established collection, you can’t really go wrong!

Mini Skull Baggies

Mini Skull Baggies

So you’ve got your goth dabbing rig, your skeletal ash catcher, and your spooky bong; now you need something to keep your dry herb safe in style. The obvious choice would be to go for a plain black baggie. Good choice, classic goth, not bad at all; but why not stick with the motif we’ve set up with this hundred pack of plastic, sealable, skull baggies.

These baggies will allow you to store your herb in precise amounts and ensure that its kept fresh for your next session!

So there we have it, the most goth products we stock, for a wider range of herb products check out our UK web store!