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5 Common Misconceptions About Dabbing

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5 Common Misconceptions About Dabbing

Dabbing is one of the more controversial ways for you to consume your herbs. The reason for this controversy is that dabs are four times more powerful than your plants. Having extra potent THC can result in quite a powerful hit that can cause some serious issues. Extra potent concentrates can lead to people experiencing panic attacks and encountering other issues as they overdose on their herbs. But if you’re careful, you can still enjoy some wonderful times dabbing. Also, people have attempted to DIY their own home made concentrates and this has led to many tragic accidents occurring. But people shouldn't let the scare stories put them off because if concentrates are handled correctly you can have some fantastic experiences with them. 


Dabbing has gotten a bad rap because some people allege that its unsafe, but this shouldn't be the case if you know what you're doing. Dabbing is a bit like driving a car, which is relatively safe, but not if you’re driving the car after 10 pints and speeding like a madman. The level of THC in dabs is far greater than from plants and people should be aware of this. What people should do when dabbing is to ensure that you only take a small amount of dabs when starting off. Just take your time, take small puffs, and learn your limits!


This is something that you should avoid at all costs as it can lead to disastrous  results. Only people who are experts in the dabbing process should ever attempt to DIY their own dabs. The problem with attempting to make your own dabs is that's its dangerous, it might not work, and in the worst case scenario you may cause an explosion. DIYing your own concentrates is a highly skilled process and should be avoided for your own sake and for others.


This is simply untrue as many people use dabbing exclusively for medical purposes. People who suffer from chronic pains have spoken about how they have experienced significant relief when they've used dabbing. The reason for the benefits of dabbing is that the extra strong THC results in a reduction of pain. This reduction in pain might not have been felt when using plants.


Of course concentrates aren't right for everyone. Some people will never like concentrates because they're just too damn powerful. If you overdose it can result in negative reactions. Many stoner's enjoy experiencing  a very mild buzz and the thoughts of being off their heads on concentrates is a very scary thought. But for other people they want the extra potency that concentrates can provide.


This is not necessarily the case if you know what you're at. When starting of on concentrates take it very easy and don’t overdo it. I would recommend that you take small puffs from your concentrates and then wait a good few minutes until you find out what kind of effect they're having on you.


This is simply not true as Vaporizers can work just as effectively with concentrates as Oil Rigs. In fact, many vaporizers can work even better with your concentrates than any oil rig could ever dream of doing. Whilst Oil Rigs can offer you some tremendous hits I feel that the overall control that a vaporizer provides cannot be beaten. The fact you can control the temperature with a vaporizer is what sets them apart.


Concentrates are the type of materials that you need to be educated about. The worst thing you can do is- plunge in and experience a nasty panic attack that could put you off your plants for a lifetime. Also, you should never try and make your own concentrates as this can be extremely dangerous and can lead to nasty accidents happening. When using concentrates you should always try and learn first and take every precaution possible. Once you use common sense you can have some wonderful times that will become etched into your memory for a lifetime.

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