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Male and Female Water Pipe Adapters: What Does It Mean?

Posted by Adam Cazes on

Male and Female Water Pipe Adapters: What Does It Mean?

Male and Female Water Pipe Adapters
When perusing our selection of waterpipe accessories you may have come across ‘Male’ and ‘Female’ joints and adaptors, what exactly does this mean? Well, the terms are taken from electrical and mechanical trades and manufacturing. Each half of a pair of connectors designed to join with one another are assigned the designation male or female. The female connector is generally a receptacle the receives and holds the male connector, the logic behind the naming conventions should be fairly obvious.

When it comes to water pipes the difference between a male and female pipe is based on how the pipe joins with other components like bowls. So yeah, your pipe has a sex. The traditional water pipe design incorporates a female adapter, this means that the downstem is inserted into the female part and then usually a  bowl inserted into the downstem. A quick rule of thumb to check is to look at the opening for accessories on your bong; if it’s large and designed to have accessories fit into it then it’s a female pipe. Pipes like this are usually rimmed and work best with dried herb.

Male adapters are intended to have components sit over them; if you look at the opening for accessories  on you pipe and it looks like it’s designed to have acessories sit onto it then your pipe is a male! Pipe of this reason work well for dabs and are designed to smoke oils and concentrates with the aid of a blow torch.

Let’s look at some examples of this in practice.

Female Waterpipe

The Liquid Sci Glass Double Showerhead Beaker Bong features a female joint. This means when we look for accessories or additional components want male pieces. For example the Roor 14.4mm bowl, this will slip into the bong and allow you to enjoy dried flowers or buds.

Male Waterpipe

The Liquid Sci Glass Double Showerhead Beaker Oil Rig With Male Joint is designed to work with female accessories such as the Quartz Glass Female Domeless Dab Nail from Elev8. This will sit on top of the male joint and is compatible with concentrates and oils.

It’s important to keep in mind what sex joint your bong has when you’re buying accessories so you don’t end up with an incompatible component! Remember when it comes to bongs and accessories that opposites attract.

Another important thing to remember is the size of your components, all of the above examples have 14.4mm joints so they fit perfectly together with accessories of the same size. There are 3 basic joint sizes 10mm, often called a micro or nano joint' 14.4mm common on water pipes, and 18.8mm another common size.

Keep all this in your mind when you're shopping for accessories and you can't go wrong.