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K Stick Vaporizer Best Kandypen Vaporizer

Posted by CSR Team on

Concentrates are herbal extracts which are formed via a process of distillation by using solvents like butane to force the active ingredients of herbs out. Some of the notable benefits of concentrate vaping includes increased potency, concentrates are more potent than the dry herb form of same plant and this is only logical because more of the active ingredients are packed in a smaller amount used for vaping which is of immense advantage to medical marijuana patients who need to ingest large amount of weed as prescribed by a doctor.

Lovers of concentrates always merry at the mention of this wonderful are amazing wax vaporizer, the k- stick wax vaporizer. The k stick wax vaporizer is such an exceptional wax pen manufactured by Kandy pens, designers of the best vaporizer pens in the entire vaping industry. It was such a marvel when Kandy pens dropped this sleek and slim vapor piece for retail. You could tell that this piece would create a scene at the waves of pre orders the unit had few weeks to its official release date. This unit is the typical illustration of perfection in concentrate vaping.

The k stick vaporizer by Kandy pen is a discreet little pen having a size dimension of 1W x 1D x 5.5H inches while just about 0.10lbs .this makes the k stick vaporizer easy to conceal in the pockets, bag packs, purses etc., giving you maximum discretion as you dab on the go. This vapor piece employs a funnel style atomizer which functions to prevent the wax or concentrate matter from leaking of the unit, which means there is no mess to deal with. With a single push on the power button, the k-stick is activated and fully prepared to give users quick and delightful dabs.

In this article we would be reviewing in details the k stick vaporizer and why it is the best Kandy pen vaporizer. Let’s begin with the contents of the box of k stick vaporizer.

What is included?

  • 1 x k stick vaporizer unit
  • A Mouthpiece
  • A  Wax Chamber
  • One Rechargeable Battery
  • One Dabber Tool
  • A USB Charger
  • A User/ Owner Manual

K- stick vapor quality

The k-stick vaporizer just like any vapor piece crafted by Kandy pens is saddled with high performance levels which ensures that users get an unimaginable yet pleasurable hits from this sleek and compact vapor piece without compromising any other functionality.

So in case you think the beauty and style of Kandy pens particularly the k-sticks did no merge up to its quality of vapor then you are out for a surprise because this unit bags all the advantage along with it. The ceramic lined chamber of the k sticks also allows for a cleaner and flavorful clouds.  Without mincing words, k sticks are today the most cutting edge wax piece in terms of vapor quality and performance levels.

K-Stick - Pancake Style Coil

As earlier said, the k stick wax vaporizer has a funnel style atomizer is designed to eliminate leaks, making the K-Stick one of the best portable wax vaporizers by Kandy pens. The unit also has a pancake styled coil which allows the unit to perform beautifully. This pancakes styled coil allows users to get a perfectly vaporized and a smooth hit from your concentrates any day and anytime. The results are consistent all through the session.

K stick Rechargeable Battery

The k stick wax vaporizer by Kandy pens comes handy with a very durable and rechargeable battery which bags a lifetime warranty just like every other Kandy pen vaporizer offers, this is definitely uncommon in the industry but the Kandy pens incorporate it on every battery produced. The battery can be charged via the USB charger included in the box. With 5 rapid clicks on the kstick power button, the battery locks, thereby eliminating any possibility of the unit turning up mistakenly when been transported.


Overall, the Kandy sticks wax or concentrate vaporizer is such a wonderful vaporizer that thrills every concentrate user or dab connoisseur basically because of its consistency in delivering perfect hits at just a good time. The k stick is very affordable at least for its level of performance and delivery. The k stick vaporizer is rated 110v and has a 510 threading which connects the heating chamber of the unit to the battery. With k-sticks, all you get is consistency, no more guess work.