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If You Haven’t Dabbed By Now, You Should Be

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If You Haven’t Dabbed By Now, You Should Be

710 day is almost on us. Even in britain, it’s the unofficial day for concentrate, oils and dabbing, getting its name from the fact that if you turn the number 710 upside down it resembles the word oil.

Now, to be fair, just weed in general has had 420 day for the longest time now, giving people an excuse to overload your newsfeed with “Blaze It” jokes you’ve heard a million times, but 710 is something different.

A necessary celebration of a newer form of weed consumption that’s been taking the world by storm and changing people’s opinions for the better.

The concentrate, or dab as the most popular form of them are called. Dabs are the latest thing in the weed game, becoming more popular and more widely available as more laws are passed and more opinions are turned.

As long as you can get your hands on them, they are in, in almost every way, better than traditional dry herbs.

When you get your hands on a some dab, also sometimes called oil, wax, crumble, shatter or budder, what you normally sometimes get is something resembling golden honey.

Milkshake Dab Rig EDIT UK

Lovers of the herb have gone crazy for the new method, especially with all the attention it’s been getting in recent years, and it’s clear to see why so many people are making the switch.

You hit up other reviews of dabbing and all you hear about are stories of people who started dabbing and will never go back.

With it being cleaner, stronger and more healthy, don’t be surprised if you see dabbing overtaking traditional bong or joint use soon.

Here at, we’re backing Oil Day because we know that concentrates are the way the world is turning and we’re to give you all of the low down now.

Why Dabbing Is The Best

Let’s cut to the point, it’s much stronger, plain and simple. You’re dab quantity might end up being a fraction of the herbs that you started with but the facts are dabs are not about quantity, it’s about quality.

Dabbing is just stronger than traditional flowers. That’s all there is to it. If you want an out of your mind buzz, dabbing is the place to go to, because it’ll take four times the amount of dry herb to get you to the same place.

Oil Drum Dab Rig EDIT UK

One arguement that a lot of big time smokers have about their weed habits is the tolerance they eventually build towards it.

After years, they eventually need to start smoking a good few joints at a time just to start feeling some of the effects but because dabbing is a vaporized concentrate it hits much harder.

Long time smokers trying dabbing for the first time have said that it feels like the first time all over again, giving them the consistent high they haven’t been able to feel in a while.

Apart from the strength of the dabs over flowers, there’s also the cleanliness the waxy oils has over other methods.

See, when the dabs hit that searing hot nail they vaporize almost immediately on contact with no residue left behind and have to travel down a separate portion of the downstem, meaning there’s pretty much no chance of inhaling any kind of debris or ash as you’re enjoying your supply.

Medical Benefits

As we were saying above, everything that normal combusted dry herbs are, dabbing is even more.

It’s so much stronger, hits so much faster, rids itself of harmful tars and debris and is actually a lot more efficient with your materials in the long run.

All this can be said when you take into account the medical benefits as well.

Symptoms such as chronic pain, nausea and loss of appetite can all be subsided with just a single, efficient hit with a dabbing rig.

An efficiency that just can’t be met with traditional combustion methods like joints or bong hits.

The healthy benefits of having your materials dabbed are obvious. Since dabs are almost pure cannabinoids and, as long as they're properly purged during the extraction methods, there’s more than likely no carcinogens to taint the flavour or the quality of your smoke.

Rosin Press EDIT UK

Rosin Pressing

Butane extraction has been dominating the dabbing game since dabbing became as popular as it is today, but hot on its heels is another form of dab extraction that many people are moving towards just because of how simpler and faster it is to pull off if you have the right equipment.

With a Rosin Press extraction, as opposed to boiling away butane, the waxy oils are extracted from the Dry Herbs using sheer amounts of pressure and non-direct heat. Just a simpler process.

One of the more popular Rosin Presses that have come out into the market recently is the RosinBomb, which uses a powerful machine press to do all of the work for you.

Quality machines like the RosinBomb are also considered the cleanest method as the pressing doesn’t use any solvents, making it one of the cleanest methods which improves taste.

They’re so easy to turn on, just let it heat up to your chosen temperature, put your herbs in parchment paper and mesh bags making sure to leave as few pockets of air as possible, place them on your press’ hot plate and let the magic happen.

Couple of other tips while using a RosinBomb and other Rosin Presses Just a few things to mention, when using a Rosin Press, again, make sure that your herbs have as few pockets of air as possible as the oils will just get caught up in these pockets and you won’t have access to them.

A great way to make sure this doesn’t happen is to shear up as your herbs into chunks, put them into a mesh bag and then roll the bag up tight to that as much of the oils are pressed away from the herbs as possible.

When you’re about to use the metal plate it’s better to have your herbs as lengthways as possible.

The more compressed your herbs have to get, the more oils that will be extracted so creating the densest cluster between the hot plates will create the biggest yield.

Let the hot plates heat the total amount of your herbs before you finally press them completely.

Allowing heat to waft through your material will prevent the centre being cooler than the exterior, meaning more oils are extracted over all.

Finally, when you think all your herbs are heated enough, go ahead and do the final press.

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