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How Would Jeremy Corbyn Enjoy His Herb?

Posted by CSR Team on

How Would Jeremy Corbyn Enjoy His Herb?

On Saturday Jeremy Corbyn’s speech at Glastonbury has proven one thing: Politics are cool again and Run The Jewels are very fond of left-leaning old guys (see Killer Mike’s interview with Bernie Sanders).

Corbyn delivered a rousing speech to the massive crowd before introducing the super-group.

Obviously Corbyn must have spent some time with RTJ before taking to the stage, and it’s not secret that Killer Mike and El-P are somewhat fond of herb, so maybe, just maybe that topic came up.

A lifelong leftist and proponent of cannabis legalisation in a country where the only thing legal is buying cannabis seeds in the UK, it’s not too much of stretch to speculate that possibly Jezzer enjoys herb.

If, and we’re saying IF, he does partake how would he do it? Vaporizers? Bongs? Joints? Pipes? How would the labour leader enjoy herb!

Dry Herb Vaporizer

Corbyn is a very healthy individual, he’s a vegetarian and  he cycles everywhere. So it stands to reason that he cares about his health, naturally he’d want to enjoy his herb in the most healthy way he can. Of course this means that he would favor a vaporizer!

A vaporizer works by using a heating element to take advantage of the different boiling points of the active ingredients of your herb. It does this in one of two ways; convection or conduction.

Conduction puts the heating element into direct contact with the dry herb. The advantages of conduction is that it reaches vaping temperature faster than other methods, but unfortunately if used incorrectly it can lead to hot spots, and ultimately combustion.

Convection works by indirectly heating the herb by blowing hot air across it, much like a fan oven. This hot air gradually evaporates the active ingredients, creating a thick, dense vapor!

If Corbyn was going to use a vape, it would no doubt be Magic Flight Launch Box, a straightforward and easy to use vaporizer with a unique natural wood body.

It suits the Corbyn aesthetic properly, and even though it’s a conduction vape, we all know that Jezzer is more than competent enough to use it.


Corbyn seems like an old school sorta guy, but that’s not to say he isn’t progressive. We could easily envision him with a bong.

Bongs use a reservoir of water to cool your smoke during each hit. There is all manner of methods to further break up your hit and cool it even further.

These methods range from diffused downstems and percolators, that break your hit into smaller bubbles, increasing its surface area and cooling it further.

Corbyn is clearly a fan of rap, seeing as he went as far as to open for RTJ after all. It stands to reason that his love of rap would carry over to his glass pipe choice and he’d equipp himself with one of Snoop Dogg’s Pounds collection.

Pounds is the new dry herb bong and line from Snoop Dogg. The name is a nodd to his history with the Death Row Records label, Tha Dogg Pound. The Bongs are all designed by Snoop himself and bear sci-fi inspired names. Pounds are also reasonably priced for their quality, and Corbyn wouldn’t want to squander taxpayer money.


Pipes are easy to pack, smoke, and store; it’s one of the most efficient ways to enjoy herb. It’s not a stretch to imagine that Corbyn will want to keep his downtime to a minimum so he can keep on campaigning against the Tories.

His pipe of choice might look something like the Genius Pipe; a futuristic pipe made entirely out of anodized aluminium.

It uses an intricate grid of studs in its airpath to create a mass of micro-vortices that naturally cools your hit, so Corbyn wouldn't run the risk of damaging his vocal cords!

What do you think? Is Jeremy a bong, pipe or vaporizer man? Does he buy cannabis seeds too? partake at all, who knows? This was pure conjecture and that’s why we can’t be sued.

For a wider range of pipes, bongs, and vaporizers that corbyn might like check out our UK web store!

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