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How To Use A Dab Rig

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How To Use A Dab Rig

Before now, Dabs are been reserved for persons who are perceived to be serious smokers, but the process is catching the attention of the entire dabbing community and even non regular users.

Reading this article sends a message that you already have the idea of what dabs are and what dabbing as a process also entails, but to be fair to every reader, let me give a brief overview of the dabbing process.

A dab is an oil concentrate which is extracted from dry plant materials. Dabs in their nature are like waxes or in the form of shatter and when consumed small hits at a time gives an unimaginable experience.

The term dab is now almost synonymous to vaping. “Dabbing” is used to reference the process of inhaling dabs which is usually consumed in small hits.

In reality, Dabbing seems much more intimidating than smoking weed because lots techniques are involved compared to just waving a lighter over a glass pipe.

Dab rigs are very similar in design and looks to a glass bong, but they are designed specifically for the consumption of dabs hence the process dabbing or in other words smoking cannabis in a concentrated form (oil, shatter, wax).

This is not a comparison session between dab rigs and glass bong, but to give the basic process of how a dab rig is been used to deliver quality high from concentrate cannabis.

Let’s begin here, getting a high quality dab rig is an essential aspect of quality hits during the usage process, and as such it is paramount that you purchase a good quality Dab or oil Rig and also a nail which should preferably be a quartz or a titanium nail as glass nails easily break and could alter ones dabbing sessions.

Once this are in place, you can now proceed to watering the chamber and seasoning the nail.


Watering or adding water to the Rig chamber should be the starting point when using a Dab Rig, but one must ensure that the quantity of water added do not result in a splash on the mouth when the water is made to bubble by forcing air into the chamber.

If a splash is witnessed, then the water should be reduced before moving to the next step. Seasoning of the quartz or titanium nail (preferably) should follow after adding water to the chamber and this process prevents the emission of polish into the vapor you inhale which would alter the good taste of your vapor.

The nail should be seasoned before use by placing it in the rig and heating it with your torch just until a red coloration is attained.


Preparing the dab is the next phase of using a Dab Rig and most dabbers love this stage because the dabbing time is at the corner already.

This phase of usage is quite delicate and should be observed with caution so as not to spoil the broth. The wand is employed as a pick tool to pick small amount of herbal concentrate in wax or shatter form.

You might wonder why we are conscious of even the smallest drop of dab but this is because even a slight hit of dab is more potent than a hit of dried flower.

So you should never try a very large hit with a dab rig. Always keep you wand at sight because you will need to grab it after heating your nail.

Heating the nail is the next phase and this should be done with care so as not to crack the glass. Some nails require domes and you should ensure to place the dome over the nail once an orange coloration surfaces while heating the nail.

At this point, you would need to wait for about 40 seconds for the nail to cool down before proceeding to the next stage which is placing your wax on the nail and thereafter inhaling through the down stem.

Placing your wax over the nail should be done using the wand and after which you rub the edge of the wand over the nail to ensure all of the wax is utilized.

You would then pull air through the chamber thereby making the water in the rig to bubble as vapor is produced and as the wax continues to melt, the vapors will fill the Rig while you inhale the smoke via the down stem in style until the chamber is clear of vapor. This process is repeated as it is needed.

Cleaning any smoking device enable such devices to function properly and last long, dab rig is not an exception to this theory.

The dome, nail and the wand needs to be cleaned thoroughly after every dabbing session.


Using a dab is usually more effective with a group as the procedures could be quite tasking but with time and lots of practice you will perfect the art of dabbing in no time.

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